Authoring Software question?

I also posted this in the DVD Software Forum but there are usually more people in this forum, so I figured I’d improve my chances of getting an answer. Thanks.

I’ve tried to use Mediostream Neo-DVD 4.1 for authoring. This program is “supposed” to support VOBs as well as AC3, so I figured it would be ideal for editing and/or adding a menu to any movies I’ve transcoded with DVD2one.

The problem is that although it does import the VOBs and does support AC3, the performance and output are unusable. I realize that this is an inexpensive program but damn!!! I contacted tech support and they did respond, basically giving me all the same possible solutions that I already read online…and tried to no avail.

Any attempt at VOB file playback results in skipped frames and out of sync audio. I thought maybe this just appeared during editing and would not appear in the output, unfortunately that isn’t the case.

I’ve tried with ripped files before and after transcoding with DVD2one and the same results. It doesn’t have that problem with “ordinary” MPEG-2 files but I bought it specifically for the VOBs/AC3 capability.

I don’t think my equipment is the problem, Athlon 2100 XP, G-Force 4600, 1gb memory and 80 gb dedicated hd running on WIN XP with SP1. All my drivers/bios are up to date, so if anyone is using this product I’d appreciate any feedback OR any suggestions on another product that can do what I want.

Fortunately, NEO wasn’t expensive, so I’ll eat it if I have to and use a product that works. I wonder, although NEO seems to be a pretty nice product if it’s a question of “you get what you pay for”?

Help Anyone!

This is the DVD2One forum and your question has already been answered elseware.

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