Authoring DVD movie on a Double Layer disc won't work

Has anyone tried to burn a home video edited on DL media? I tried but any home dvd player is able to read the second layer. And I couldn’t find anyone on this forum using the search function.

If you suceeded on this, please explain how.


for reference, you can read more detailed explanation of my problem here and here


From what i’ve read on the subject, that is the problem with DL discs right now, there is a compatibility issue. A friend tried to burn some dl discs and ran into the same problem, some of his dvd players played the movie, some didn’t. One thing that might help is if your dvd burner can change the booksetting it might help. What booksetting does is, it makes the dvd player read the disc as a dvd-rom as opposed to a dvd+r. Again this is what i’ve read and heard, and because of this i haven’t burned any personally because the discs are too expensive to chance it.

sorry, I read you first posts after i posted this. I am stupid

no problem dude! Is fine to try helping a mate!

Bitsetting was discussed at some of the links I gave on my first message on this thread. bitsetting is important, but it’s not the main problem when trying to make DL discs to work properly. The matter here is layer break. I’m still investiganting a little but it seems burning the vobs directly with nero will solve this, as nero aumatically puts the layer break info where it is needed and the player can play it ok.

Just in case you can to try authoring your own DL DVD anytime :slight_smile:

Ive burnt a few Home made movies on DL discs (verbatim) and they worked fine on a philips 720sa, Kiss Divx player, and an old Matsui dvd player with no problems at the layer break.

Hardware I used was a NEC3500 bitsetted to DVD-ROM (you have to bitsett DL discs to rom otherwise they wont work properly on standalones)

Software I used was Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD and DVD Decrypter. Encore did not have any burining facility then so I used it to output an image file and burnt it using DVD decrpter

What kind of image does Encore DVD create? just .ISO?? or any other aux file, like .MDS?

Software I used is Adobe Premiere Pro, then TMPGEnc DVD Author. Burning directly with the burning tool TDA includes won’t work on any settop player. Then I created a ISO image in TDA (this produces JUST a single .ISO file), and burnt with DVD Decrypter. Same result. Two wrong DL discs.

I read somewhere Nero would do this ok. But I don’t want to try until I’m 100% sure. It’s 9€ each try.

If I burn the files (audio_ts and video_ts and so on) in nero as they are right now, using “video DVD” option (I mean, no IFO modification at all to test if layer break is correctly placed) will it work?? That’s my current and only question.

No problem with bitsetting, that’s something I already fixed.


I’ve done this before… except I was using Pinnacle Studio, which wrote the files to my hard drive, and then Nero to create the DVD. The resulting disc plays on some DVD players and not others… for example, it plays on my Panasonic set top but not my friend’s or my sister’s, and it doesn’t play on my Pioneer.

DL burning is very hit or miss right now. I would suggest splitting your project into 2 discs.

Thanks for your input. It shows a little more how DL media burning is still hit or miss, as you say…

I think I said it here or on another thread, but my discs do work, they play, but the settop player hangs on the layer break. It works 50%, you can watch half the movie :D. I mean, there is no absolute impossibility to see these discs, as it seems to happen to you.

Splitting is just the last option by the moment.

Stock firmware on the NEC 3500 is already bitset to dvd-rom for double layer media…

I just bought the ND-3500AG USB with the latest firmeware but was yesterday nearly mad because I never suceeded burning a working double layer (you know about the costs for such “experiments” with this kind of discs…).

Also my player accepted and played the burned disc, but stopped when it was supposed to change the layer.

At the end - before I was seriously thinking about throwing the drive, notebook and the (newest) Nero package including AnyDVD right out of the window - my last try was to burn another disk with “DVDFab Gold” which I found mentioned also in DVD forums.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes: at the end it worked! It was really too easy. I’m so happy!

So if you ever have the same probs, before wasting too many discs think about trying another program, it really might help.

Regards from Switzerland


AnyDVD has NOTHING to do with DVD write operation. The program allows the user to backup encrypted DVDs! If you want a reliable, robust, solution, stick with AnyDVD and CloneDVD. I have not encountered ANY problem burning DVD-5 discs with Nero and AnyDVD Are you using Nero Recode to write data to the DVD-9 media? I know that CloneDVD will work with DVD-9 media.

I know what’s AnyDVD for. Just wanted to explain what configuration I used failing creating a working DL. Also of interest for other people with this problem might be in this context that with my new proggie AnyDVD is not needed anymore.

No, I didn’t use Recode since I want to backup the DVD, in other words I want a 1:1 copy. As far as I know Recode is to recode the DVD which is not needed using DL.

But you’re right; maybe it would also have worked with AnyDVD and CloneDVD, who knows.

Btw: it’s funny, my new and cheap DVD standalone player says “no disc” while my old and expenisve DVD player as well as my Notebook are able to play the burned discs.

The el cheapo may have problem reading DL DVD+9 disc. See if you can get Nero to set the booktype to DVD-ROM. The NEC 3500A should AUTOMATICALLY set the booktype to DVD-ROM with DVD+9 blank media. Download DVD Indentifier and check the ID of your new DL DVD+9 disc. If it’s not labeled DVD-ROM, then the el cheapo may encounter read issue.

I’m replying to finally report a successful double layer burning :cool:

What I did: edited in Premiere Pro 1.5, created menu in Encore 1.5 (build if matters). Imported DV files from Premiere and let Encore do automatic transcode. Built DVD Image to hdd.

First step of building the DVD image is transcoding. If you have done several tries, transcoding keeps availiable for the next buildings. Just re-does the menus, but not recompresses files.

After transcoding, when building, it asks where to place the layer break and offers a range of minutes (from xxxx to xxxx) from a certain file. The bigger the amount of free mbytes availiable on the disc the bigger range of minutes it will offer you. In my project automatic transcoding fitted quite well and just allowed me to choose in a 4 minutes range, because there was just 260mb of free space. Note this range of minutes doesn’t mean total minutes of running the DVD, including the ones placed before, but minutes of running THAT file. So you can play that file separately on any player and see what minute and second fits better so the layer break is less noticeable.

Then I burnt the .IMG file with DVD Decrypter IsoMode/Write with Bitsetting to DVD-ROM and using verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x certified media. Burnt at 2.4x (took 47minutes) despite DVD Decrypter say it would support 4x too.

Here is the media info

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R-DL:MKM-001-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R DL] - [DVD-ROM]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Kagaku Media]
Manufacturer ID : [MKM]
Media Type ID : [001]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [4,173,824 Sectors = 8,152.0MB = 7.96GB (8.55GB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2.4x]

[ DVD Identifier - ]

This disc plays great and the layer break takes very little, say 1/2sec, on my Dalton DVX500 settop player (Ascomtec). I’ll test on other players as soon as I can, but I would bet it’ll play on almost every player.

Hope this helps.

I have tried to burn DL Memorex discs using both Nero and DVDClone. The discs burned ok, but my dvd players do not reconize them. I get the message: No disc

The problem may be as simple as your Memorex discs, they are not rated very high in quality.

The best chance of getting a DL disc to work in a stand-alone player is to use either Verbatum or Taiyo Yuden +R discs - booktype them to DVD-ROM - and burn them as slow as possible. After that, it all depends on the specific player…

Write the authored stuff as ISO to the hdd, then burn the ISO using Imgburn to DL!