Authoring dvd-divx

Hi, I’ve recently bought a dvd player that can play divx movies. I tried to find authoring programs that can make motion menues and cool stuf like that but all of them make only dvd, vcd or svcd’s. Is there a way to make put my divx movies on a dvd+R (4,7 Gb)disc and author that disc so when I put it in my dvd-player it will looks like any proffesional dvd with interactive menues and stuf?


Sorry but the short answer is no. DivX avi’s do not support Menus, etc. Be thankfull your DVD Player can play AVI’s at all, 99% of them cant.

Thanks any way. The only thing that I could hope for is that they gonna produce new software that can make menues out of divx avi’s like they did with vcd’s and svcd’s after they became popular. But if somebody came out with some bright tricky idea to make this possible, then please be free to write in this thread.
By the way, I have to correct my self, I do not have a standalone dvd player but a dvd writer in my pc…would this change things?

thanks in advance for any new ideas,


The new Nero Digital MPEG-4 files made by Recode 2 does support Menus, but nothing other than Neros own stuff can play them at this stage. Nor do they have menu creating software ready yet, but its all possible one day. Check in the Recode forum.