Authoring DVD AUDIO discs ACURA or any DVD Audio Branded device

I set out to get DVD AUDIO discs that would work in my ACURA TL. What I did and learned follows. All the software is either free, can be used limited trial or inexpensive. I think all the software may add up to a total of $120 USD well worth it I happily paid this Hope some find this useful

YES the Acura can play DVD Audio discs (pressed and Burned) and very nicely and you can burn your own. I have the 2006 TL and also tried my discs on my friends 2004 TL. I also tried AUDIO DVD CREATOR and it does not work in my Acura when I use it and could never figure that out. It will play on my DVD home unit but my DVD home unit does not support DVD audio it plays because standard store bought DVD audio disks have the AC3 tracks in addition to the WAV file racks (used for the Audio DVD). The program I listed below AUDIO DVD SOLO makes a pure Audio DVD that works great (-R disks only!!!). Doing pure audio DVD with solo does not waste space by putting both the AC3 and the wav it just puts the WAV and thus you get (depending on your settings (16 bit, 24 bit, 2channel or 6 channel etc) upwards of 2-3 hours of music on each. Take a look at the AUDIO DVD SOLO. I also gave links to conertion programs for MP3 and stripping DVD’s audio tracks( I have converted my entire Music VIdeo collection to music for my Acura

OK here is what to do. First all DVD audio disks use the WAV format and the DVD must be burned in a special format. You MUST use DVD -R in order for it to work in the acura TL (or any acura). You can strip tracks from your DVD video disks, convert your MP3’s to *.wav files. Your Acura does not have the ability to decode MP3 directly.

Here is what I use:


Go here ( This is a free program that you can use to convert your MP3’s)
Click Download on the upper left and then download
mp3-2-wav converter

Another very good free converter is BeLight (a front end that uses BeSweet)

Try this link and download the one named BeLight-0.22b9_P4.exe

Strips any DVD into WAV files
Go here (there is a free 30 day trial but is inexpensive to get license)
Download DVD Audio extractor
this will let you strip any DVD audio track into the *.wav files it can do 5 channel DTS, 6 channel AC3 digital dolby and 2 channel stereo and generate the files you can use to burn you DVD’s

Burning pure Audio DVD that will work in the ACURA or any other branded device with the DVD AUDIO label

Now they key is to burn with the following program. This will burn the *wav files you generated with the above SW and enjoy them in your ACURA. Also this program can RRIP your CD collection and you can get roughly 6 or 7 CD’s onto 1 DVD. You can use the group feature but the acura does not support auto switch from group to group you have to do it manually by simultaneously pressing SCAN & RPT for a few seconds.

Download AUDIO DVD SOLO (this gives you I think 5 free burns I purchased the Lisence and its only $34.95

Also this program is a WAV capture program so you can record and burn.

Lastly if you are into WAV file sound editing here is a great program

The best (inexpensive) program I have found is Goldwave

The trial version is informative but not totally useful too limited. It is a $40 program but a great editor if you want to have some fun.

I have no affiliation with any of these companies just felt this information all in one place may help others. enjoy

Thanks for the info but I am having problems with DVD Audio Solo when playing back my DVD-Audio’s in my Acura. I create an ISO file from SOLO and then burn to DVD using EMC or Nero. The problem I’m having is that when I playback the DVD-Audio in my car it plays the first 4 or 5 tracks and then by the 6th track it becomes mute.

The same thing happens when I do CD compilations on one DVD. I put is in random play in my Acura and it may play a few songs but then it mutes and no music would come out from the speakers.

Anybody has any ideas? BTW, just used Solo v. 1.6.2 (latest) as recommended by Cirlinca’s support.


Its been a while since I used SOLO but all of my DVD’s work fine. I will have to look and see if I do anything unusual. Afew quick thoughts:

I do not think you can burn dual layer audio and have them work in the TL so if you are burning dual layer try single layer.

Also can’t remember right now the correct term I think it was “sessions” of which you can have 4 separate on one DVD I always used only one

Some media is not great. One way to overcome this is to burn as slos as possible like 2X for all of my audio CD’s I belive I forced it to use 4X to be safe I will have to find my notes.

Also when you say mute do you know if the disc is actually playing or did it stop. There is no time information available to watch so possibly the only way to know is if it stops on track 5 lets say hit the up and down track. Does the lower number track start playing and does the higher track display the correct track and disk number?

Maybe later I can run the SW and burn a disk to refresh my memory but I did oipen SOLO. I used the burn engine in SOLO only did you try that? if you need them I can look at the burner settings I used in SOLO. Mine is an older SOLO possibly I forgot to look mat the versionj but I got it a little over 2 years ago and never upgraded.

Also I put all tracks on one list and you can I think have up to 99.

The Burn engine I remeber was critical at lerast 2 years ago and I kinow I did direct DVD burning from SOLO.

Thanks for responding hardwork12.

By mute I refer to that the DVD-Audio stops playing. With the up and down arrows i see that the tracks are there but with no sound. After the DVD-Audio stops playing one track it will then play no track at all.

Hence, I don’t use the Solo Burner because it doesn’t work for me. I have to create an ISO file and then burn it to DVD with Nero or EMC. I enjoy putting 7 CDs into one session and then do random play. However, some songs will play others not.

To tell you the truth my experience with Solo hasn’t been good. I have only two DVD-Audios that came good and one compilation DVD (from CDs) and that’s it. EVerything else for me was defective.

I’ve reported this to Cirlinca already. They suggested me to download their latest version: 1.6.2. Tried it yesterday but the problem is still there, even worse.

Sorry to hear the problem I have 100% sucess. I guess maybe part of the problem is the burning program and the fact that it does not work for you may be part of the problem.

I will try to do an ISO and use NERO as I think you have that. May take me a few days to get to it sorry.

What DVD drive do you have (I can research the drivers)?
What are the Burn Programs available to you?
What operating system are you using?
What Media for DVD are you using (some are real bad but probably not causing your problem)?
Play the DVD that came with the car to ensure that the player itselfr is OK (you probably did that).

Maybe we need to fic the SOLO burn it should work it uses standard protocols. With the above information and me trying ISO to DVD with a program close to what you have we should be able to figure thjis out.

I have done the same thing as you many CD to one DVD, stripped some of my video DVD sound tracks and use those in the car and since my 2006 TL does not have an MP3 jack I converted the MP3’s to compatible format and play thosde in the car as well. Of course I also purchasede many audio DVD’s but most are not that special or woth it.

Thanks hardwork12,

I just bought my laptop at the beginning of the year DELL XPS 1530.
My drive is: TEAC DVD±RW DVW28SLC ATA Device
I’ve used Easy Media Creator 9 and Nero 9 (I don’t think that’s the problem)
I have Windows Vista
I’ve used Sony AccuCore DVD-R and Verbatim DVD-R (i don’t think this is the issue either)

When I’ve tried Solo’s burning engine it just doesn’t do it, it clogs and never finalizes. Cirlinca responded to me that perhaps it was a compatibility issue with the burner drive. I’m not sure but maybe I can get an external burner that may be compatible with DVD Audio Solo?

Thanks for your time in helping me out. If this would only work I’d really be very happy.


I just bought my laptop at the beginning of the year DELL XPS 1530.
Not the problem excellent laptop !!
My drive is: TEAC DVD±RW DVW28SLC ATA Device
Specs on this are fine
I’ve used Easy Media Creator 9 and Nero 9 (I don’t think that’s the problem)
I used Nero Express 6 only NERO I have
I have Windows Vista
I have XP Vista has many new driver requirements did you ask Cerlinca if they tested with Vista.
I’ve used Sony AccuCore DVD-R and Verbatim DVD-R (i don’t think this is the issue either)
I had some of these same DVD-R 16X (these are very good) and tried an ISO using my NERO Express 6 here is what I found.
Tried a different but very good +R and confirmed for myself that +R does not work and it does not the player can not even detect the DVD.

I know the sony DVD-R are solid performers so I did 2 burns one at Max speed and one at 2X (ok so it took 25 minutes :wink: )

The Max speed came very close to buffer underrun but was OK it never failed and completed. The DVD however had issues in that it was never able to play through completely and a few times it did not detect the DVD. Tried about 7 times loading the DVD. The one burned at 2X always kept the buffer full and works flawlessly with lightning fast track changes both up and down (all were in one Group) the DVD was entirely full also.

Maybe SOLO is getting bufferunderrun on your system did you try setting the burn speed to the lowest you could in the SOLO DVD burn selection list? This not only burns better but helps avoid bufferunderun. What you are describing about “clogging” and not finishing sounds like bufferunderun and maybe SOLO is not handling the buffer “burnproof” properly a slower burn speed may fix that. Sounds like you are very PC savy so probably tried this :rolleyes: Wish you were haqving better luck

Like I said I am using an old SOLO version 1.1.2 (build 0616201) just so you know

Thanks hardwork12,

I tried burning a DVD yesterday using Solo at a speed of 2x. however, it never finalizes the process. In the end, although through the diagram I see that the circle is orange and when it completes is turns gray, the message in the box below is: “idle”. I don’t know why but I can’t burn a DVD with Solo. Maybe it’s Vista, perhaps there are still some issues that haven’t been addressed by Cirlinca yet though they say they have.

Additionally, in Solo I used the Full format and not quick.

Perhaps what I will try now is to burn the image in Nero or EMC at the lowest speed possible. I’m not sure this will work but we’ll see.

I’m still waiting for Cirlinca’s response, they are usually pretty good at that.


I contacted Cirlinca and they gave me a new key so I can use the latest version you are. I will ghost my PC so I can easily go back to the older version if the new one gives me trouble.

I am sure you checked but is the DMA on the DVD enabled you can check in the hardware device manager for your IDE (ata/atapi controllers) then click the “advanced settings tab” and see if the “transfer mode include the term DMA”. This needs to be the case for both your Hard drive (most likely your primary master) and your DVD (most likely your Secondary master). If it is not DMA contact DELL as there is a driver problem and they probably have a Fix.

I will try the latest SOLO would like it anyway and see if I have problems. Not sure why there is any selection for format at all as this should only be needed for -RW and you are using burn once DVD’s. Gess when I look at the new version I will see what you see.