Author/reauthor: what doe they mean?



I’m using DVD Shrink 3.2 with any problems really, but I want to know what it means to “re-author” a DVD. Seems to be just a straight up copy of the main movie wothout any extras, kinda like my stand-alone DVD recorder. I use the recorder most often because I just push a button and walk away.
Using the computer is more complicated, like this reauthoring business. My curiosity demands that I understand what it means. What are the advantaged of “reauthoring” over “Full Disk” mode with DVD Shrink or similar back-up software?


Reauthoring in DVD Shrink means that you throw away the entire (menu) structure of the original DVD, and the reauthored DVD only contains the title or titles you explicitly include.

Reauthoring is the most effective way of throwing away content you don’t want and only copy the main movie (or whatever).


One of the advantages of re-authoring is that is allows you to use less compression on those sections of the dvd that you want to keep. Most commercial dvds are made on double layer disks, and are considerably larger than the 4.3gb of data you can fit onto a single layer dvd that you can burn.

When you remove the menus, extras, foreign language tracks, what-have-you, the parts you keep can use less compression to fit your target. Many times the main movie will fit with no compression at all, which retains the highest quality in the video.


Thanks for the explanations.


Eve a furthe use of the reauthor is Start/End frames for clipping just a section of a video.