Author of DVD Decrypter releases ImgBurn v1.0.0.0!

I just posted the article Author of DVD Decrypter releases ImgBurn v1.0.0.0!.

 LIGHTNING UK! used our news submit to tell us: Testing the water with a new program that I can still update! It's really just DVD Decrypters "ISO Write" mode - but with some fixes, updates, new...
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Oh man, this is just tooo good! Nice to see you have the possibility to accept paypal greetings :slight_smile:
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Very nice to see you again LIGHTNING_UK! :slight_smile: Now this GUI reminds of lovey program, but I can’t for the life of remeber what its called? :B Thanks again \VH//// :slight_smile:

Hooray for LIGHTNING_UK! I am glad to see you back!

How do I use this software?

  1. Load program 2. Put blank disc in burner. 3. Click ‘Browse’ button and find your ISO image. 4. Click ‘Write’ button. Finished! Or, 1. Right click ISO image in explorer, select ‘Burn using ImgBurn’. 2. Put blank disc in burner. 3. Click ‘Write’ button. Finished!

Very good to see Lightning UK back in action. Definately want to try out his program—very timely too, since Best Buy was having a sale on dual layer disks recently!

:g Great news… Welcome back~! I’ll have to take a look at this after I get home. Thanks.

Thanks loads again, keep updating this great tool! I have allways prefered DVD Decrypter’s burner to Nero. Seems much more stable than Nero to me., hasnt once crashed on me

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Welcome back! Nice to hear from you again!
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It’s good to see you back :slight_smile: I’ve just tried it (but only on a sinlge layer burner) and it worked great. It’s good to see that programs nowerdays can just do one job great and not try to do several jobs in an average fashion (mentioning no names…). Thanks.

The King is Back…Guess i’ll have to start with my donations very soon.

Screenshot here!

The living legend LUK! returns. The force is strong in this one…

Nice to see you back!:g I’ll definitely try it!

Great News! Missed ya Lightninguk!!! :d

Welcome back LightningUK. Now, take your excellent offering, pair it with DVDFab Decrypter 2.90 (also freeware), and… …FAIR USE TRIUMPHS OVER NAZI-ISM!!!
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Any chance of merging this back with DVD Decrypter, but just taking out the DRM stuff?

ImgBurn is what called a Great Software!! What it says is what it do. Definitely the perfect software for CD/DVD burning.