Author Guild prez: Kindle 2 too good

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Kindle 2’s free text-to-audio conversion capabilities will cut into author’s profits, the president of the Authors Guild said in an editorial.
Roy Blount, Jr., wrote in the New York Times Op-Ed…

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I strongly disagree! As a diabetic with nerve damage in my hands that prevents holding a book or turning pages, my Saturday delivery of a Kindle 2 will be a godsend! I’m also losing my sight so adjustable fonts will allow me to read books again, something I haven’t done in over two years. When my eyes grow tired I can switch to audio, rest my eyes, and begin reading again when capable. I will be purchasing many, many ebooks in the near future; books that never would have been sold without the Kindle 2!

What’s annoying me is that they are not even selling the FIRST generation Kindle on let alone the Kindle 2.