Authentic Taiyo Yuden Media From EBAY?

So is the taiyo yuden media thats all over ebay that says 100% authentic taiyo yuden media really 100% authentic?

how good is the 16x media compared to the 8x?

I would not trust Ebay and 16x is worser then 8x if it is TY

most media sold on ebay is fake, maybe 20% is real–probably less! save yourself the headache and buy from a trusted retailer such as

8x TY is better than 16x, but support for 16x is getting better

I’d say it depends on the seller.

i would go with to as they got a solid price and u KNOW it’s genuine i bought some from there about a couple months ago (TYG02) and even though i aint burnt any of them yet im sure there good.

if u want my opinion … dont bother with EBAY.

As others have said, ebay is a TERRIBLE place to buy media. Once you factor shipping costs in, ect. you can almost ALWAYS find a better deal by ordering from one of the trusted online sites (not to mention peace of mind).