Austrialian broadband company BigPond to launch its music service by Christmas

I just posted the article Austrialian broadband company BigPond to launch its music service by Christmas.

  Telstra BigPond in Australia plans to launch the continents first online  music service before Christmas.   Telstra plans on offering music in single and album downloads in the  Windows...
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Marketing music online won’t be successful as long as it contains DRM and/or is more expensive than actually buying the CD at a record store. How long will it take big buisiness to wake up to why anyone would want to pay a lot of money for songs encoded in a crappy format with DRM when they can either download the songs for free in a non-DRM format or buy a CD for the same price or cheaper. I’m an Australian citizen and broadband with Telstra is already way overpriced and is just about restricted to big cities. I’d much prefer Telstra to use the money for cheaper broadband connections and to get broadband internet in regional towns and rural areas than getting their customers to pay for a crappy DRM-encoded music service that won’t work

I agree, and living in America we are seeing new online music stores appear almost weekly. I have no idea how many want to get started before Christmas. My theory is that only one will last, and I believe it to be the one which the DRM gets cracked. Unfortunitly I believe this will make technology smart people flock towards that service which will then get media attention drawing new legal customers. If the technology does get cracked, I guess it just depends on how many people use the service legally to figure out if the company goes bankrupt. I plan to legally support the new Napster 2.0 as soon as it’s available. I have a thread discussing something similiar I think a battle of prices between the services are almost out of the question because the services are barely making any money off the tracks themselves. Thank you RIAA.