Australian's public "Little Ripper" bows out of CD copying

I just posted the article Australian’s public “Little Ripper” bows out of CD copying.

Australian entrepreneur Gregory Moore says he will ditch his plans for putting 2000 CD-copying machines, known as the ‘Little Ripper’, into public places in the face of fierce legal opposition from…

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Heh, as if everyone wouldn’t have used these machines to duplicate copyrighted CD’s. My local post office has a duplicator machine, but I’ve never seen anyone use it. I wonder how it handles copy-protected CD’s…

i think the problem more likely is it will have to be crippled in a way so it wont copy protected cds properly, from the sounds of things this will be the norn soon, if a cd doesnt copy properly people will want their money back. he stands to lose a lot of money so it makes sense not to do it

What kind of society does Australia have when CD copying machines are illegal, but guns are legal? Mod chips in Australia are legal, so why are’nt public CD copying machines? It looks like Australia is trying to ban things that allow access to public copying. They don’t seem to worry about banning things that are sold to private individuals that allow copying. I don’t like the fact that they banned public CD copying machines, but it is no where near as bad as if they were to ban things like mod chips and PC CD-RW drives. These public CD copying machines being illegal doesn’t really affect me, because I do all my CD burning on my home PC.

(reading the posting guidelines) “Uhm, can I point out stupid comments?” He was smart, but why they don’t treat him as a reseller I’ll never understand. He should be able to pay based on an expected level of recordings [volume] and he could set his prices to match. But, its a shame that the Australian version of RIAA is just as bad as the RIAA. :c

I agree with onlinetracker. I don’t think many of those who posted above actually read and understood the article. The Australian government didn’t ban these machines, the record industries sued this guy to stop him producing them, and he gave in before it went to court. Big difference. Also, he never said they were only for copying non-copyrighted material. From the fact that he was going to pay royalties, it is obvious that he expected people to copy copyrighted materials. The point was that he thought it would be ok because he would be paying the royalties. The record companies didn’t agree, and it never went to court for a decision to be made.

Hey wooferoon18…I’ll tell you what kind of society Australia has you pest…the kind that would tolerate ponces like you up to a point, then pull your backbone through your nose and carry your arse around on a string…:7

So these machines make a 1:1 copy of an existing CD and royalties are paid to the copyright holder. Why not buy the original instead?

hEY SHERIF…!!! lET THE kID aLONE…!!! (wOLVERINE19)…HE’S ONLY EXPRESSING HIS FEELINGS…LIKE YOU DO OR ME…cAN YOU sPELL --Chinga tu reputa madre pendejo ?---- Vete a coger a tu madre…Let others alone…:8

old old old this has been debated before, i live in adelaide (South Australia) where these machines started and as i have reported before they do not copy copy protected cds they are only your conventional cd burners used in PCs with shitty software to run them. And Hal2 wolverine might be entitled to his opinion but he should atleast read the article properly before making a dumb ass reply then sherrif wouldnt have a reason to get upset.LOL :frowning:

not upset SPC, just sick of the twats inane commentary, check out the other articles…always the same response…“copying isn’t a crime”…“innocent as a 2yr old kiddnapped baby” etc, etc ad nauseum…I’m sure he/she is very adept at copy/paste… and HAL2…I love a debate…as long as it leads somewhere…wooferine18 runs around in ever decreasing circles and will one day vanish up his/her arse…and BTW this is for you…and this is for the horse you rode in on…:7

IMHO: The machines are out because the goal of the companies is to control the methods of distribution because that’s where they money is. They are fighting for their life to keep away more advanced ways to distribute that they cannot control.

Sherrif: I remember a couple of months ago in one of your posts that you said: “Copying and selling= illegal” Copying and giving away= legal Did you think that was really the law, or is that how you thought the law should be? If you thought that was really the law, have you realized it is not by now and that is why you are criticizing my responses? Or did you really always know that copying was illegal period and just thought that it should be legal if not done for profit? And if you knew what I just said in my last sentence, are you then criticizing my posts because you are just sick of hearing my extreme views on the whole issue of copyrights?

Whether it’s legal or not doesn’t really matter; as long as the music industry can make it more expensive to pay legal bills (even if he wins) then he will make in selling the machines, it’s still smartest to stay out of business.

Wolverine18…I’m guessing your a female, no one else can be that pedantic…My stance ? For those that copy and sell/give away…fill yer boots… Remember someone along the line is out of pocket. you deem as there is no physical missappropriation it is not illegal…do what you like but be aware it is ILLEGAL…thats the point other posters have been trying to get across to you… BTW am I debating a 12 yr old here??..cos it sure seems like it…:7

Sherrif: I am not a female. Don’t you remember the one time you posted that Copying and selling= illegal Copying and giving away= legal why did you post that if you are now saying it’s illegal?