Australian universities forced to hand over computer hardware in piracy case



I just posted the article Australian universities forced to hand over computer hardware in piracy case.

Three Australian
universities, suspected of piracy on their networks, have to hand over CDs and
computer hard drives to a recording industry expert for examination. Our thanks…

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Better burn and wipe quickly then :wink:


hehehe :d


…great tool is FDISK.EXE, bet you all never thought Microsoft would ever write any really useful software…


Why does the recording industry gets access to those HD’s? Isn’t that the police’s job?


Formatted or fdisked, they can retrieve anything from a HD, or at least see what its content once was. Nonetheless, if it happened to me, I would forget to update the virus scanner and release a virus on the network “by accident”. A virus can happen anytime. That way they can’t really accuse you for formatting or destroying evidence, can that?


MrSnake not to be a jack@$$ but if you format your hard drive with the right tool, you can erase all the files on your hard drive. There are plenty of programs that will format your hard drive and write 0’s and 1’s over the entire drive that way everything gets completely wiped and making any data that you had on it completely gone and unrecoverable. That’s just my 2 cents :wink:


Well, I’ve been told that at the FBI or CIA or whatever they can recover it no matter you did to it. Also, I need no evidence to know that those people use slightly more advanced tools than we know about :slight_smile: But, if simply erasing or formatting a drive will do the trick, then that’s just great actually :slight_smile:


it seems that MrSnake is unaware of programs called “shredders”. they can wipe the hardrive to the core so nobody can retrieve information.