Australian RIAA is watching KaZaA

I just posted the article Australian RIAA is watching KaZaA.

Remember that KaZaA was sold to an Australian company called Sharman Networks ? We all expected this to be a good trick of the developers of KaZaA, FastTrack, to get rid of copyright organisation…

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Boycott the RIAA. Anytime you pay money for a RIAA produced CD, you are selling your rights as a human being down the river. Shame on you!

Hillary Rosen and her band of internet nazis can kiss my ass… I am tired of the RIAA and their bullshit.

Sharman Networks will not have such type of problem if re-sell KAZAA to a Greek company. :4

I find it funny here in Australia. I can buy a DVD movie for Aus$20 and a Audio CD costs me Aus$25-Aus$30 How can they charge for something that costs a LOT less to manufacture and distribute (smaller packages then dvd cases)??!

know what’d be cool? if kazaa went open source and it became anyone’s property. anyone could do whatever they want to it (like fix the memory holes and shit). then there would be hundreds of kazaa devolpers and we’d either have the best P2P network ever, or another gnutella (what’s gnutella? exactly.).

do we have a version of the RIAA here even? I didn’t even know that currently DVD’s here cost $30 for the latest movies and cd’s are $25 not the other way around “lanky”.