Australian recording firms ask to scan university computers

I just posted the article Australian recording firms ask to scan university computers.

In order to track digital pirates on the University of Melbourne, the recording companies have asked the Federal Court of Australia to allow their computer experts to scan the computers for pirated…

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a “computer expert” checking for pirated music: -Mh… what we have here? stolen pammy porn video, the two towers leaked from the academy awards, a cammed daredevil, pirated widowsXP with latest and most complete (=most useless) office suite, a bunch of games… uhm, you’re a good boy: no illegal mp3s! go straight this way, young man! :4 :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

What, are you crazy cico? A cam of Daredevil? Hell no man, telesync all the way.

university students are dumb :4 :stuck_out_tongue: :7

Solution: Ghost all your PC to a central server. Take the hard drives out and hide them away. Format the PCs, let them search blank hard drives! Music industry leeches!

I hate the Australian Recording firms. They want to invade the University of Melbourne’s privacy!!! The students who use the University’s computers to trade copyrighted music for free have done absolutely nothing wrong!!!

The University of Melbourne to the Australian recording firms: FUCK YOU !!