Australian PC mag cd-r reviews

There was an interesting APC article on optical media longevity. They performed a number of tests on various cd-r blanks and came up with some interesting results. The best cd-r’s for reliablity were

  1. ProDisc
  2. BASF
  3. Another ProDisc cd-r product
  4. Thats cd-r
  5. Another Thats cd-r product

Interesting that verbatim DLP was way down at number 9 and sony was at number 10. I didn’t buy the mag but maybe someone who did can print the full results.

Hmm I wonder how they tested.Because Prodisc disc’s have a reputation of liveing not that long. Infact most of my friends who have prodisc have cd-r’s who have become problematic over time.

Also BASF is a joke. Why some disc’s are very good, some discs are known to be also very problematic and unreadable in less then 2 years time.

Maybe the list is not to be taken as 1=best 5=worse but the other way round? :bigsmile:

1= one star and 5=5 stars?

Would make more sense to me! :bigsmile: - don’t know much about Prodisc, but BASF has a LOOOONG history of awfully bad storage products, that started in the 70’s… one of the most overrated brands IMO.

Hey BASF has bad products however there was one product (Which they should bring back that rocked.).
Yep I’m talking about the Ceramitic Coated Taiyo Yuden disc’s they used to sell.
Also the new MPO gold media seems to be decent and some of the older Cheap red package BASF made by Ritek were nice. However I also know that these are the exceptions because 70% of there material is something I wouldn’t recommend usseing.

G’day all,

The article mentioned above is the feature article on “Disc Rot” in the latest issue of APC Magazine. Why are they using old media in their CATS tests? Modern media widely available in Australia such as Imation 52x/TDK Gold 52x (CMC), Verbatim DLP 52x (MCC), TDK White Printable 52x (TY), TDK 52x (Ritek), LG 52x (Prodisc), and Plasmon-coded discs (e.g. Strathfield, 1MEDIA, etc.) should have been used to give the customer a good idea about the quality of discs that they see on a daily basis. A good review would also breifly inform the user about C1/C2/CU error testing using supported drives.

There’s nothing like a review done by an enthusiast for the benefit of others, not just to himself/herself and the company or companies that support him/her.