Australian music download sites declare price war - finally competition!

I just posted the article Australian music download sites declare price war - finally competition!.

 GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the download  services in Australia are currently in a price  war. It seems that there is finally some competition in the music industry  as...
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That ought to tell you just how much they’re fleecing you for lossy audio…

and still making a profit…

what is wrong with lossy audio?? mp3 at certain bitrate are good enough. Most people can hardly notice the difference.

lossy audio formats are a definite step backwards all for a little convenience. Buying “originals” in lossy formats is like paying full price for an old cassette recording, except u provide the cassette. You want to transfer that thing to another medium, in another new and exciting format? You can usually expect losses on top of the losses you already have. Want resale value? Good luck on that front too. It’s preposterous to even consider buying songs in lossy formats to me. That said, I won’t tell you what you should or should not be happy with :slight_smile: Lossy formats are nothing but convenience tools to me. I would not consider handing over 1 cent per song in a lossy format. I think I’ve made my point :slight_smile:

cynicalbastard - you’re so cynical…but you’re right!