Australian Federal Election

Howard is not perfect but at least intellectually, he is far ahead of Latham.
That toilet bowl syndrome (your dream) is real - not just Australia is affected, it is a global(isation) phenomena.

Latham strikes me as an intellectual child. Don’t need to worry that he’s too sharp he can cut himself.
Howard however strikes me as someone that needs to be watched, prefereably from a safe distance, perhaps through a sight :wink: The guys a snake.

Why doesn’t australia have a great government think tank to create ideas like that?

I still wonder who the bright bastard was that decided to declare a war on terror! He’s a genius! Citizens across the world are blinded by terror, too much to think clearly, hence pollies can get away with practically anything, chip away citizens rights, narrow the gap between unemployed & slavery, reduce medical rights, increase capital for people which are already privledged.
Secondly, the US economy is perpetually sustained. The armed forces are perpetually employing new cannon fodder, employment is up in the weapons industry, the economy is thriving again. (Yet still bush manages to get the entire country into depression :p)
Thirdly … it gives the US the excuse to ruffle through every countries underwear drawer looking for clues to terrorist activity. If any country refuses to let them in with that excuse, they can be accused of harbouring terrorists & the US can declare war on them. The US forces are already mobilised & the war will be over in just a few months. Then the US occupies the country for a few years while it recoups the capital it spent on overtaking the country, maybe a little more… Then they handpick another despot to place on the throne which they know is gonna flip them the eagle in a few years, so they can come back and do it all again in a few years!

But back to australian politics … The snake & the child will both kiss the US arse.
They both claim that the other party will send the economy into depression, not that it’s already heading that way due to overseas depressions anyway & they are both adding extra money back into healthcare, because liberal have cut it to the point where surgeons are now cutting people open with a blade of grass, and using BBQ tongs instead of tweezers, and they are both handing money back to parents for childcare, so both parents can work (and hence form no bond with their children & certainly not discipline them), although we all know it’s a load of crap, and at any rate in 20yrs we are gonna have a generation that can’t think, can’t conform to societal standards, and has a deep rooted mindset that the entire world owes them something.

Australia really is going down the drain, or the sewer as it may be.

The choice is yours…On one hand a child, on the other, a snake.
Choose your weapon of mass destruction :wink:

Well spoken! The snake and the child? - yeah, this says it all!
Nope, the choice is not mine, I am still no citizen even I live here since '92!
However, my wife already thought about applying for citizenship by end of this year or early next year. :cool:

I’d apply ASAP.

The government seems to think that australian citizens are xenophobic, and are tightening/reducing the number of positions available to become citizens / naturalised / permanent residents, all in the name of safety of course, in case terrorists want to come into the country.

I’d like to just “deltree” the goverment, or just the simple, but effective “reformat” :slight_smile:

What I’d really like to do is a diskscrub to ensure that none of the deleted/formatted information can ever be retrieved :slight_smile:

You mean burn :wink:


So long as they’re gone with no capability of coming back.

I’ll just document the design intent & order equipment I expect will be necessary and/or will have long lead times. Ie, wood, ropes, & ballistic missiles.

Exact details for implementation can be decided onsite & the site guys can order any other necessary equipment, ie matches, fuel tankers, etc. :wink:

Can see it now… huge bonfires, built around standing missiles with politicians tied & gagged … aussies (drunk & out of control, as usual) dancing around the bonfire practically naked… people pouring brandy over the wood … U know, a standard friday night on the beach, except for the missile, and the politicians.

we’re no Muslims - does this count? :slight_smile:

I wonder if there’s a question concerning whether you are terrorist sympathisers on the application forms.
Be sure to pick the right answer if there is! :wink:

Ahhha, sounds like there is an ASIO questionaire included?
oright, Debro, we’re drifting off topic here…

I’m gonna miss that precious hour on my saturday when I have to wander down to the local school, get harassed by terrorist sympathisers, I mean, party promoters handing out “how to vote” preference cards, to vote!

It’s a terrible experience for anyone to go through!
Methinks I’m taking mace this time :bigsmile:

A baseball bat might be more effective :bigsmile:

I don’t want to kill them, i just want to prevent them from choosing a lifestyle that might lead them to a political position.

Just show them pics of howard :slight_smile:

I dunno. I think they’ve seen worse … the inside on his shorts…bunch of brown nosers :stuck_out_tongue: