Australian Federal Election

For those of you that don’t know, don’t care, or whatever… Australia’s federal election is coming up very soon.

This federal Election we get to elect our representative (which has 1 member per XXX head of population) and some lucky states even get to elect their Senate Representative (which has one member per state).

So the question is…
Since voting for Australias federal election is compulsory & is held on a saturday, how do you feel about the fact that they are imposing on your meager free time (weekend off).

Oh, and feel free to squabble about who you want to vote for:

  1. Labor
  2. Liberal
  3. Greens / One nation / democrats / other miscellanous party who’s votes roll over into liberal when they lose.

Vote for Latham? He couldn’t run a council without causing a giant financial stuff up! Nope, he can’t be considered seriously even Howard can’t be trusted on his promises. I believe we’re still betta off with Howard…

Aha! yes, but at the same time, you aren’t just voting for the prime minister, you are voting for the ideals.
The ministerial cabinet Latham chooses, or has already chosen, will be running the country, not Latham. Latham is just the party leader & Australias Representative. A figurehead/ empty suit, circle one.
Secondly, Latham won’t be in charge of the money regardless :wink:

Mate are you saying you would rather have those dumbass labour guys in power? I reckon their meetings would be like a preschool playground. All they do is act like babies, put blame on everyone else for the things they do and fuck our country by putiing it and everyone in it into massive debt.

Are you suggesting fora second that the other half of parliament isn’t exactly the same?

hell no, but I would rather see them in than labour. What I would like to see though is a government that doesn’t lick the american governments arse and stand up for itself.

No chance of that, remember that even though liberal has the majority, not necessarily every member in the lib party is gonna vote for australia to be Bushs’ bootlick. So some of the Lab’s have to agree for it to go thru.
My grandma summed up elections for me one day.

Same fools, different spokesman.

A figurehead? - he is the boss and can sack any minister or keep them in line(or not)!
Right, taxpayers’ bleeding for all financial disasters a PM can cause.
Bush’s bootlick? - oright, do u seriously believe Australia can do it without a big brother? nope, OZ is a helpless island (in defence terms) in the pacific - like it or not but Howard is right here. My opinion only…

Will the US seriously come to Australias aid in a crisis, rather than do what they usually do, which is to sit back, then mop up the winner?

The US can’t really intervene in any sort of dispute, unless the attacker has been proven to be engaging in acts which are in violation of the geneva convention. Which pretty much means torture & acts of inhuman sexual indecency, incidentally very similar to those recent reports about the US controlled prison in Iraq.

The US has often requested Australian support, but never the opposite.
Deciding internal politics on an unproven alliance is foolhardy at the least.
Furthermore, there is no evidence that a labor majority wouldn’t roll over for the US to scratch their belly, just like the current government.
I sincerely doubt Latham, or any politician, would have the stupidity to give the eagle to the US administration. So the Aussie/US alliance is gonna be much the same regardless of which party is in majority.

At any rate, Australia is strategically unimportant as we are too far away from everything to do anything. Australia really only has space, something which many countries are lacking. And they can just spend the equivalent (instead of amassing an invasion force) on buying our land out from under us, in case you haven’t noticed property prices souring…

I noticed that you said Australia is hopeless, in defence terms. Wasn’t liberal going to use more tax payers money for Offensive units & personal, rather than defensive.
I’m sure that you can say, we can use them for both, but why? See above. no-one needs to invade us. They can just buy our land, send their people over & breed us out.
And besides, not much those offensive units can do to defend australia when they are halfway across the world helping the US in their latest land & money grab exploit. They’d take a week to get back, and an easy ambush, since the aussie force will be small regardless.

The PM can anytime call for support but only if both countries cooperate to a certain degree

Not so fast, Debro, no one needs to give the eagle to the USA - this topic is important since global terrorism is on the rise.

Nope, not unimportant since here is still plenty of space (vaccant land) - it’s getting dense on planet earth and space will become a major issue, especially for countries with space problems(Indonesia, Japan).

Don’t excuse the problem, Debro, think about the IF maybe “Indonesia” enters a war with OZ for whatever reason - could OZ fight this war without any help? I think, nope, it would be a “walk in the woods” for Indonesia to conquer Australia within a month. Don’t speculate on no one is interested in OZ since it is too far away - it could be a lethal mistake. My opinion only…

At no time in history has the american leadership done anything to help anyone unless they gained something from it or had the chance of gaining something from it.Do we have any major oil fields here :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Never mind the fact we have to rely on another country, much more important than that is the fact that our brainless leaders stuck the election on Bathurst weekend.How the hell am i supposed to read the forms when i’m going to be seeing 2 or 3 of everything and swaying badly.There is no way in hell i’m giving up the grog just for howard,might have to vote for the marijuana party at least they would put it on a weekend when no major sporting events are on. :stuck_out_tongue:

/me is too young to vote :slight_smile:

Lucky u :slight_smile:

We can call, but will they answer. Secondly, will the answer quickly enough. Given that indonesia is the only real military threat to australia, and that they could easily overpower australian defense forces, in the month that it takes the US to respond, Australia would already be moving people in. Again, unless the UN had good reason to suspect Indonesia of violating the Geneva convention, the US could only really supply troops to the remainder of australias forces…located way down south…

Theres lots of land in Oz. There’s not alot of usable land in oz due to the lack of water. If the Government pulled their finger out and started some research on desalinatiom, we’d be bloody fine :wink:

Australia has always been a walk in the woods for indonesia to conquer. They have more to gain with us being seperate.

I am a foreigner and I wear pants on my head so I dont get to vote either :stuck_out_tongue:

i vote for the kangaroos :slight_smile:

I think, even for America, it’s time to form defence alliances with others before the pot gets boiling. The answer quickly enough? - well OZ is a far cry, it wont work to ring Bush yelling “we’re under siege, send backup immediately”


Unless the US station their defense forces inside Australia alongside native forces, it’s pretty much a moot point. We don’t have the defense force to stop indonesia from sweeping down and knocking us into the water.

I can pretty much be assured that there would be much public outcry if the Prime minister invited the US to station their forces inside australia. The phobia that the US is stirring up about terrorism would work against them here, as the public would be mightily concerned about making australia more of a terrorist target since most terrorists seem hell bent on wiping the US from the face of the earth, and since we are after all harbouring known US soldiers…

I don’t think that Australias military plans should be
a) publicised
b) used for political point scoring
c) an electoral issue.

Just my thoughts, indeed!
The election campaign already got somewhat of a market-crier image. It turned kindish since Latham makes increasingly a fool of himself. He now seems to be commercialised by private health insurances, presenting his latest free care for 75+ with brilliantly stupid arguments obviously not real-ising that he got a donkey cap awarded. He helps the private health to get rid of a burden by moving them over to public health for FREE! This is UNBELIEVABLE!

On one side, we have a self obsessed ass of the highest degree, the other a self important snake.

I can’t believe we have to vote for one of these idiots to control Australia’s future.

Last night I had a dream… Australia was sitting in the oceanthen the ocean started to swirl … and australia got sucked down… Zoom out… it’s a giant toilet bowl.