Australian court rules hyperlinking constitutes copyright infrigement

I just posted the article Australian court rules hyperlinking constitutes copyright infrigement.

DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us that a man was convicted
in Australia for creating hyperlinks to illegal files on other websites. Cooper,
his name, ran a site named ‘mp3s4free’…

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So much time and money goes into fighting piracy and I constantly hear the RIAA singing the “we are losing revenue” blues… Lets try putting that money to good use, its obvious that your not going to stop the file sharing of music…

wow, this is some bu11$h1t!

Sadly for “aria” the AMERICA/australia free trade agreement of January 1st 2005, safe harbour clause means that any judgement on this case is irrelevant regarding hypertext linking. So alas our dear unlamentable primeminster ‘little johnny’ has sunk ‘aria’ before it could get started unintentionally! Undoubtedly Aria, will now probably deduct these court and legal costs from the artists royalty payments in addition to it’s standard fees and charges!

I think those poisonous australian spiders are being waved around by the riaa in front of the court’s judges. They don’t think different, it is the same old story of who benefits. These so called judges must be pretty old and not hip to the scene of the digital age. That being said, they will go after all the search engines next, since they link to links with “infringing” material. I like the analogy of a friend who’s a thief that knows the whereabouts of “infringing” items. Well, since I know the friend, I am just as guilty for knowing and should be accused of committing the crime. I think there be favors amongst them’s dirty waters underhandedly passed along all friendly like.:B