Australian court rules against Kazaa in copyright case



I just posted the article Australian court rules against Kazaa in copyright case.

 In Sydney 

on Monday, the
Associated Press reports that an Australian court has ruled against Kazaa saying the they provide a method for their users to breach copyrights…

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An interesting and, in fact, somewhat softer decision than what I had expected (the record industry’s claims of conspiracy, etc being tossed out). However, I suspect that unless Sharman succeeds on appeal (unlikely in my view), for all practical purposes Kazaa will be dead in the water. Still, although the Court has ordered Sharman to encourage users to “upgrade” to a new version that won’t easily facilitate copyright infringement, there’s nothing that the Court or Sharman can do to force users to “upgrade”. :wink:


I’m gonna sue my car manufacturer because although they put brakes on my car, it was ineffective in my failing to stop and rearend another car a few months ago, putting my insurance costs up.


I guess we can sue gun manufacturers now as well because most of my heros on TV and the movies solve difficult situations by blowing peoples heads off and making it look “cool”. Whilst Remington and their ilk stand around and do nothing to stop the filmakers from glorifying the practice. If I listened to Rap I would also need a gun as well. So I guess the music industry should demand these rappers start becoming law obiding citizens and for them to stop promoting violence to teens. Instead they should forsake their gangsta violence and use the legal system to settle differences.
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actually the US passed a law tat made gun makers totally immune to lawsuits due to misuse. Gotta love it when you can buy your own laws. So if you get shot by someone with a smith and wesson or remmington, you can not sue the gun mfg for making a lethal product.


Actually, this case is based on the old past australian copyright act of 1968. This alas was rendered obsolete, when out primeminster little johnny howard signed a free trade pact with good 'ol USA, and new replacement DMCA style act was implemented, as part and parcel of that loser agreement(on paper, we get no actual real trade expot benefits for the first 20 years or so at the aussie end). Oh well, such is life, we will now hear the cacophony of crow calling from ARIA!:r