Australian court backs Sony PSX mod chips

I just posted the article Australian court backs Sony PSX mod chips.

In a same case in The Netherlands Sony won and made commercial modding of PlayStations illegal. The Australians however seem to have a more realistic view on modifying their consoles so you can play…

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Sony always complains that Mod-chips are really only used by people running pirate software so they try and get them banned but what about the people who have Mod-chips that do not allow pirate software.

and STILL im waitin for a payable ALLROUND non-swap, easy to install solution to come out for my ps2… :frowning:

Copying games and selling them or giving them away may be illegial. But these mod chip makers aren’t copying games their just making a computer chip so people can give their existing equipment and upgrade. I think if I pay for a playstation 2 I should have the right to solder in any chip I want. It’s my equipment. Why do companies keep trying to tell people what to do with their products after we pay for it.

I agree with chsbiking’s thinking BUT there’s only one snafu with the buying products from the evil corporate empires, the fine print. I was very passionate before about my right to do anything I want with any product I buy, but I’m now seeing their agreements, eula, and licsenses and reading them. A good example is m$. You can buy their products and use them but you have no real “ownership” rights. It’s like leasing or renting a car without an option to own. You simply paid a few hundred bucks for it but that money you paid was only for the right to use it, not the right of ownership. The evil company still has complete say-so over what you can and cannot do with their product. Sure, they might not be able to easily track you down and beat you with a wet noodle, but if you’re caught with the goods in your hands (and doing something that the company says you can’t do with the product in question), they have legal “rights” to take you to court and sue you or sometimes worse. I’m with the rest of you people out there though. I still do what I damn well please with whatever I buy. I’m just pointing out to ya how they get their lawyer do-boys to right up a contract that has some weight in court. You simply opening the box or envelope means that you agree to their terms, so it’s a catch-22.

Hey AnthraX. Be realistic. What percentage of people has a Mod-chip that do not allow pirate software?

This sounds almost the same as with GSM phones with a lock on it. They sell you the phone cheap but you cant use another provider. If you get rid of the lock, are you breaking any law? It’s YOUR phone isn’t it?

Quite a few people i know have a none-pirate mod chip (me included)as a lot of places in the uk stopped stocking the pirate chip when the anti-pirate chip came out and also the people i know who have a pirate able chip (only 1 available at the time) do not use pirate games just imports. I was more stating that sony don’t see the difference between the chips as if you end up getting your ps fixed by sony they will even steal your none pirate chip they just seem to think that you have a chip your a pirate when not everyone is a tight git.

People have the right to buy a mod chip. I love the fact that the mod chip makers won on this case. Once again it is insane for a mod chip to be illegal and a gun not to be illegal. People have the right to make copy protection as well as people have the right to bypass and clone it as long as it is within their own physical property domain. For instance I believe someone would have the right to make a copy of a copy protected CD and give it to a friend. Someone would however not have the right to hack into someone else’s computer and delete their files, but someone would have the right to hack a copy protection on a disc.

You know how Sony could stop this? By not selling the Playstation, but renting it. A downpayment of about the same amount as the price today and then an annual fee of $1. That would make the hardware their property and then it would be illegal to modify it.

I live in Australia and it’s been illegal to buy mod chips for about the last year(in between court cases, not anymore I guess) and I’ve still been buying chips they just call them colour correction chips. They’ll never stop people

Personally I don’t have a PS1 or 2 but just to comment on the post by Fishbutt - you are of course correct but if they only give you the software on that basis then wouldn’t it follow quite naturally that when you stop using it (you buy a better version from another company say) then should’t they reimburse the money for it? After all you’ve stopped using it and going by the license you are paying for the privelage of using it.!!! So, if they still own it then why don’t they also claim back all the gear they’ve sold that is now of no use to man nor beast? This is where your proverbial loopholes come into it. Never mind… just a thought. :d