Australian Commission: It should be legal to use VPNs to circumvent geo-blocks

We’ve just posted the following news: Australian Commission: It should be legal to use VPNs to circumvent geo-blocks[newsimage][/newsimage]

An Australian government commission has released a report in which it states that Australian consumers should be legally allowed to circumvent geo-blocking restrictions. Australians get offered a lower level of digital services, according to the ‘Productivity Commission’. Therefore Australians should be able to use a VPN service without the fear of infringing on copyright.

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The only natural conclusion. If not, they would have to make VPN accounts illegal as it is the very nature of a VPN’ed connection for public use :rolleyes:

Let us hope there was more to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my thought: If it’s illegal to use a VPN to get around a geo-blocking restriction, then if you ever visit a country the content is available in, it is illegal to watch that content over there.

So let’s say a title is geo-blocked to the USA and you’re visiting a friend in the USA, then if you and your friend decided to watch that title, technically you would be breaking the law as you’ve just circumvented the geo-blocking restriction.Â

Actually it is perfectly legal in Australia to use a VPN to circumvent geo blocking

^ Good to hear. There should only be worldwide out here as the net knows no borders by default, neither do we. I’ll simply shop in china on Wednesday and the U.S. on Friday. Then there is a movie, culture of all things, released to the public and I am not allowed to watch it :confused:
Human to human that is more than a bit unfair, but greed loves a unfair game even if against human nature. Next thing you know, they complaint about piracy :stuck_out_tongue:

These are all very convincing arguments, and I’d be very awestruck if it weren’t for one small fact: everything the commission has said is essentially common sense. Anyone with half a brain could have said the same thing (and probably has at that), except those who enjoy bribes.

Put it this way those screaming for the rest of us to stop VPN to bypass Geo-Blocks are the very same people using it themselves.

This is the link showing VPNs are not illegal to counter geo block - half way down the page is the concerning question answered by our PM

We can assume the point of geo blocking is to fuel piracy hence “mucho dinero” for the right holders except in Australia where courts don’t play along nicely.