Australian body calls for mod-chip legalisation

I just posted the article Australian body calls for mod-chip legalisation.

DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us: What kind of “dip”
would you like with that mod “chip”? :slight_smile:
The reason this is coming to a head right now, is
it seems there’s a new proposal…

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The levy on recording devices and media is all talk. It’s not even worth mentioning here. I agree that modchips should be made legal or that microsoft and sony should remove the region coding for games. Modchips would no longer be necessary. Credit to Microsoft for making sure the game releases between US and Australia are very close, usually only a week or 2, sometimes a month difference. PAL game prices are still generally unfavourably compared to the US. Whoever sets the prices must think everyone has deep pockets. Credit for making PAL Xbox’s run at 60Hz. Huge thumbs down for removing the high def capabilities for PAL though (another reason a modchip is necessary)…BOOOOO!!!
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We’re already paying a levy on blank media and have been for some time. This was our trade off for the right to backup legally owned media, but correct me if I’m wrong…and before you go round backslapping big corporations like the office idiot full of piss at the christmas party remember these bastards have a good idea of what you want and how much your willing to pay before the first die is cast…very little happens by chance in corporateville…:X
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You sure you’re not thinking of those blank cdr audio discs that were quite a bit more than regular cdr’s due to the fact a royalty was taken out to give to the music industry? I’m sure there’s no levy for other blank media. The GST is the same at 10% for these products so who else would have authority to impose a levy? I think you should prove to me this levy exists or you might just get stood down to deputy my friend :X

I did say correct me …:X