Australia to adopt US-like DMCA copyright law extensions in its FTA



I just posted the article Australia to adopt US-like DMCA copyright law extensions in its FTA.

Australia has announced that it has settled a Free Trade Agreement with theUS which includes an agreement for extensions on its copyright law as well as changes to the area of…

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Hollywood uber alles. :r


Yet again Our Goverment, for Big Business, Elected by big Business and ruleing with the rod of fear have shown we are just a Colony of the US and will do what ever the US dictates of us! Having shed the UK yoke of tyranny last century John Howard has gladly shackled us like donkeys to US BIg Business Interest.!


Another not so free “free trade agreement”. More of gooberlands jackboot tactics, fortunately this is not written in blood yet as it must pass a joint sitting in parliment, where it will, hopefully, be given the treatment it deserves, that is ,to be shredded up for arsepaper. This coupled with the fact the bloody warmongers want to build a military base in the country should set alarm bells ringing for a lot of people…What next…I wake up to find the stars and stripes flying over canberra…Australians fought and died in 2 world wars and a number of so called “police actions” to ensure we never wore a yoke, not even the benign yoke of american imperialism. A lot of americans may be surprised to realise that 'Yes we want to be friends but we dont want you living in our house"…or running our country…:X


DonL: here here, we all know how well the copyright laws work in th US dont we? yet again we are the puppets…


gulp Even more reason for labour to try and block it in the senate.


Very good. This way will reduce piracy.


:frowning: Oh man…if Labour blocks this i’ll vote for them at the next election.


Sheriff - a wallaby…interesting… We’re kidding ourselves if we think Labour is going to win in the next election. Oh well, now the US really has the finger “up our arse” and there’s nothing we can do about it…except migrating to another country…say the Cayman Islands :B


…more laws there to be broken…why do they bother, do they really think they can keep the people down?


HeHe…icepax…ya got me…fairly let down my guard didn’t I…remember the chorus of “wild colonial boy”… The only thing one can definately state about howard on any given day is the colour of his shoes…thats all you can see poking out of bush’s arse…:X


Well "Sherrif(What is that some sort of outback slang) i didn’t want to do this but if you don’t want any american influence “STOP” going to the movies(Yes even LOTR:ROTK is American product)Don’t listen to music obviously RIAA Controlled Aussie musicians or not.This reminds me of The Sidney OLYMPS When Australia marched out all of it’s precious celebritys during some weird showcase and guess what All Now AMERICANS Sad Really.By the way you can have “Crocadile Dundee” back.Hmmm i hear “Nicole” is now cliaming American birth now you don’t ebven have that.What Next:Mr.Crowe we will be watching.Mel rules :d


i don’t know why but (LOTR ROTK) Came out incorectly disregard the “barfing” smiley


To jef195…??? you want to try that again…you got me sitting, scratching my head here???..:X


yeah i wanna hear more from jef195:X:g


Give jef195 a break. It probably took him a hour to mash that crap out on his keyboard. :g


Simple as this within a few years you are going to have “DRM” controlled software, music CD’s and yes movies if you have been paying attention to the news it’s already starting.(i’ll admit the end of my last reaction comes off wrong i’m not good at expressing with a keyboard :B


…and just “Love” Prime Minister Howard one of the true Allies :slight_smile:


…And of course “Sherrif’s” E-Mail is fake.Enjoy “DMCA and The Military Base” They’re coming :X


I’ll have two of whatever he’s having thanks waiter…:X