Australia: Invaded by the US!

Reading the newspaper today … tucked away in a tiny corner with the boring political stuff which everyone ignores …

The FBI have set up an office in Australia … for an unspecified reason.

Isn’t the FBI in charge if internal policing of the USA … and the CIA in charge of external threats?
If so … I suspect the FBI is just a tad out of their Jurisdiction … or just slightly lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe, along with the Free Trade Agreement, where Australias prime minister sold out his citizens to the whims of Americas Corporate Giants … he’s signed over the country too … and we’re now to become part of the USA.

Any thoughts?

I’d say that old W. is abusing his power for the umpteenth time…but that’s just my opinion.

Yup debro, that he did. Hell, I’m not even australian but I still know that your PM is an idiot.

Then he must be kin to our president little idiot bush

That’s nothing! Here at the airport in Amsterdam (Schiphol) the Mossad (Israel Secret Service) have their own office so that their planes and important people can skip normal custom regulations. They do not need to oblige to the rules that the rest of the world has to oblige to.

It’s only a matter of time before us americans take over the world…[evil laugh]…[/evil laugh]

Or the Muslims take over the USA :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t worry, they’ll breed the yank out of ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Debro they are just there and inplace for my arrival…you know i gotta have someone make a big deal about it…so warn your g’f shes going to be replaced…i’ll send her to driving school while i move her things out of the house and put mine in there…and if she can get along with the 3 of us …great if not…then …shes out by the curb…

lmao ohh wait…i can’t do that…your my brother…ewwwwwww *insert sick smilie here *


Note to self - ‘why would we even want Australia-eh?’

(high computer hardware and media prices - no rain - abos - run by the pommies in absentia - etc)

We have enough problems here - why invite more - unless maybe we can send ‘W’ there to the middle of the outback - and let him walk back to civilization…hehe

Sounds like a plan!

Maybe if we could coordinate it, we could get the poms to come back to Maralinga (in the middle of the desert) and blow some $hit up with their nukes!

While we are at it, we can also add the Aussie & Pommy prime ministers to the pile & a few paedophiles from the NSW state government :wink:


I like it already-

And ‘W’ would probably give ya’ll 20 or so billion just for the fun of it - like he does with everyone else-eh!