Australia getting 16x DVD-R/+R soon?

Heya guys.

Why is it that Australia still hasn’t got the 16x DVD blank media?

How long has it been out in other countries? The fastest media we have is verbatim 8x…

Any ideas?

Here in Egypt , 16X media just started to show up , with only RiData 16X media available which is poor media according to people here :a

16x media has been out here in the UK for about a year, I believe - I may be wrong though.

I got my first 16x certified Verbatim DVD+R media in january 2005. It was bought online from a shop in Germany.

I have no idea why you’re being shortchanged on 16x media down under?! :confused:

Well I just looked at an onine retailer down under linked to from SVP and no 16x on it at all, only 4-8x. Strange considering they’ve been around for over a year now.

No 16x DVD in Oz? We have 16x DVD here, even at DSE. I believe 16x DVD have been at most more specialised online and offline retailers for a while now.

Rather unusual to have something arrive in NZ before Oz but all the merrier :slight_smile:

It hasn’t been in my local shops for a whole year - even now they’re selling a mixture of 8x and 16x media, it’s better than it was before though.

General shops don’t get the media as they come in that is what specialist suppliers do, for example DL discs have only just appeared in Dixons here in Manchester, and they have been out for a while now. Therefore I wouldn’t go by what’s avaialbe in local shops to work out how long things have been avaiable. :bigsmile:

Thank God for the Internet :wink:

Not when you can’t bloody shop on it :a

Maybe not swap meets or places like JB Hi-Fi, but these places seem to stock 16x DVD discs :

True, true…but I was thinking more for finding out when certain media is available :bigsmile:

Mind you, that isn’t much help either if you can only shop in regular B&M shops…

You’re incorrect. 16x media has been available (at least online) since at least 3rd quarter of last year. Admittedly some brands such as 16x Verbatim is still hard to find in bricks & mortar stores as they’re still clearing excess stock of 8x media, but online it is easily found.

All your BIG W, K MART, Target, Office Works stores etc are selling TDK branded 16x media (though I’m not personally fond of it)

Do a search via google or via with an appropriate search term such as “Verbatim 16x DVD+R” and you’ll find sources to buy from. just started listing 16x Verbatim printables in both formats. Look a bit harder and yee sha’ll find :slight_smile:

well, TDK 16x media (TTH02 & TDK003) has been around for a bit here in oz. i know this because TDK is the best media i can buy locally (either at k-mart or DSE) theres some 16x sony discs in 10packs at my local woolworths too (not the MIJ ones either), for the princely sum of $18 per pack :eek:

come to think of it i’ve seen some 16x imation media at DSE too.