Australia bans GTA San Andreas

Old news but anyway. Yes, they are a strange breed. Now I will be brutally silenced by the BORG but it was worth it. Anyways:

July 29, 2005 - Australia’s Office of of Film and Literature Classification today revoked the MA15+ classification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas due to the now-infamous “Hot Coffee” content, according to a report at

According to the Australian ratings agency, the unlockable “Hot Coffee” content forced the group to revoke the game’s classification because of the “pornographic” nature of the material.

With this ruling, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas can no longer be sold or rented in Australia.
Now you dont need to click the link below since that is all that it said (some quote eh)

I found a better link with more text

so Air you want me to send you my copy???

Cough … already got it … Cough.

:disagree: It’s not piracy if it’s unavailable, right? :disagree:

I thought this was funnier

An 85-year-old grandmother is suing Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive Software Inc. for including the hidden codes in the then M rated game that she had bought for her 14-year-old grandson.

she may be 85 but still a candidate for post-natal abortion if ever ive seen one :clap:

Now that it is officially banned in the sunburnt lucky country, it should do wonders for worldwide retail sales for rockstar, ah such is life!

I’ll Agree, thanks Debro you’ve appeased my guilty consience.