Australia - ASUS CRW-4816A - $199 + $9-$13 postage (2-3 days)

Liteon 48x is the same price

Their phone is always engaged :a - $208 + $10 o/n (1 day to order)

Liteon 48x is $215

Slow to return calls & email

Ahem, AUD$1 = USD$0.55 :wink: , btw

this could be a stupid question but
if Australia $1 = USA .55 then wouldn’t the 199 for ASUS
be it be around 109 US dollars???

Futureproof>>> Do you know of many good local, Canberran places, that have good prices on either of this drives?

None, sadly.

Best modder and stuff for good gear is Rob at

I tell a lie - Jim at Bytes Computers (Kingston Arcade) sell cheapish Liteys but not at GD or Insight prices

Adding : For aussies, Computer Market.

The Asus 48x is $234, so in relation to, they may be a little pricier.

Lots of stuff, almost always in stock and fast to ship.
They always answer the phone, and reply to emails.
And they are based in sydney, so a little bit closer than brisbanes gamedude.

Look here
FP, Lite-On 48X is $190 and ASUS is $215 but he will probably beat Gamedudes prices. Bruce is the guy, anwers e-mails extremely quick :bow: :cool:

Bought something of insight after your recomendation, LTR-32125W, you didn’t say they were in W.A. !!! lol

$15 air express del. for Insight, cheaper with tekmachine, cause their in Vic, also check out


I also use … they have cheap Litey prices are pleasant to deal with and will deliver within 24 hrs (nice family biz in Wonthaggi VIC)

DVD X 16 Drive LITEON & PowerDVD >> $82 (LTD-163 still a great reader)

Thanx Plexy, I used to get all my mod gear from Scorpion, now use Rob Prideaux at in Canberra; can’t convince him to stock Liteon or ASUS though!? But he does have 14 bay Macase’s (2 x 3.5", 6 disk and 6 disc) as well as Lian Li’s, Corsair, Mushkin, Sunon, Topower, Enermax, neons, laser grills…I have a lump in my pants :eek:

DVD-CD-ROM IDE 16x DVD LITE-ON Model LTD-165H Retail Box $79

Hows this? No reviews yet, looks like you should buy and test :wink: :eek:

Thats @

Yeah CWS are good, a “little” dear on the Lite-On CD-RW’s (eg $210 for the 48X when I paid $190 for mine :slight_smile: ) but they are always first to list new stock :bigsmile:

Wonder whos gonna be first to have the Yami F1 at a decent price :confused: :cool:

Liteon 48x48x12 $179 “Cheap”
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Australia Dollar Currently AUD$1 = USD$0.57
:bow: megod:bow:

Litey 48X is $175 now at
now… The price keeps plunging… :a (when I paid 190…:frowning: )

Here is another one that has some fair good prices. Techbuy

I have had a few dealing with them with no trouble so far. some things they are alittle dearer on… Lite On 48x is $219 whil the ASUS is $262.

One good thing about them is that they also have a pretty good range of stuff as well not just your big name brands. Ie Plextor, Acer/Benq, LiteOn.