Austrailian student may go to jail for creating MP3WMAland

I just posted the article Austrailian student may go to jail for creating MP3WMAland.

 Mr. Belvedere  used our    news submit  to tell us  about a story he saw on concerning a 20 year old University of NSW  science student Charles Ng. Charles may soon be jailed for his...
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Hey, $60,000,000 of wealth re-distributed to the masses! Were these guys modern day Robin Hoods or what? :d

Well, life in Australia can be harsh. Haven’t you ever seen “Welcome to Woop-Woop?”

In australia approximately 80% of the wealth is controlled by 5% of the population…I wonders what percentage of that 5% is made up of scumbag lawyers getting richer prosecuting people who are in contravention of what is really a frigging goober home law…isn’t there some planet the americans can take over and ALL move there…leaving the rest of the world here …to wallow…happily…:X

I seriously doubt it cost the music industry 60 million. I mean i downloaded a bit of stuff there and i was never intending to buy any of it b4 i downloaded it. I believe this would be the same for the vast majority of people.

What people need to do is start keeping track of what these articles say it’s costing them. Like this one is 60 mil. Everytime you hear about a music lawsuit just write down how much that lawsuit supposdly costs the music industry and then at the end of the year. The RIAA or BSA or somebody will give you a number and say ok, this is how much we lost to piracy this year. If those numbers don’t match up. Somebody is lying.

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