Austrailian songwriters group wants personal backups legalised

I just posted the article Austrailian songwriters group wants personal backups legalised.

Four of Australia’s most powerful entertainment industry bodies are in disagreement over a federal law, that makes criminals out of Australians who backup CDs, or videotape TV programs …

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Finally, someone in Australia (besides me) with common sense. Of course, you should be able to backup your originals. Stephen Peach is a pharking wanka (as we call it here in Down Under)! Quote: “Once you legitimise it in law, how do you monitor it to make sure people are only making copies for personal use”. You don’t Stephen! Have you tried to police the Internet - is is possible? You’ve got understand that most people who backup stuff also happens to own their originals. Where do you think all the money you guys make are coming from - the consumers? With a surname of a fruit - no wonder you are all FRUITY, mate!

A blanket levy, where the proceedes go to an industry no questions asked is troublesome for me. To be paid for doing nothing is good work if you can get it. The assumption that even backing up content is justification for the payment is also hard to accept. Personal backup rights are needed but this should not be a cash cow for anyone. When backing up my digital photos from my camera to optical, the music industry should not be given anything. But if the levy is very small and we could de-criminalize backups and end DRM maybe it is a solution.

Hi Crabby…Do we agree that Stephen “I don’t really have a clue, I just like to see my name in print” Peach served his apprenticeship under some dork in the RIAA…this proposal will never work …it sounds to much like commonsense…:X

Yes I agree. He isn’t listening to his content providers. Backups are and will always be made. The “genie” has been out of the bottle for years and won’t go back in. Ever. There is no bottle big enough, that is the point he cannot grasp or at least won’t admit to in public. He is a puppet I guess or a dummy. :d
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