Aussies may get a fair shake on fair use soon

I just posted the article Aussies may get a fair shake on fair use soon.

Good news, our friends down under may soon get a break. It seems the
government is taking a closer look at the world around it and have come to
realise we are living in a digital age. Result…

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Oh Shit…will this bring down the wrath of the goober authorities as it did for the canucks???..:X

This will break poor little tinku’s heart. And what wrath would that be? We Canucks STILL don’t have a problem and are unlikely to.
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@Roj Hahahaha! Tinku is cool! :x at least I like his nym. Tinku Tinku I can’t stop saying it. LOL

Times like this, I’m glad to be an Australian, mate! :B Just hope we won’t ever turn into Corporate Australia anytime soon. Wishful thinking… [I]This will break poor little tinku’s heart.[/I] :B
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Im an Australian that lives in the US and Its more like you dont want Australia to be a police state anytime soon .I hope the Consumer Advocacy groups have a hand in the legislative process > Looks like when I move back Ill have to get a Bigpond Movies subsription and then DVD Decryptor and DVD shrink so I can excercise my “Fair Use” Rights of Time Shifting .

seriously the best thing to do is what they have done in france and here in Canada…I dunno how many other countries ahve it, but implement a levy system and give us our fair use rights. Last year the artists made more money from the levies here in Canda then they did in royalties. The RIAA and CRIA are not happy about it at all cause they got squat from the levies. Everythign goes to teh artits. A tune of 5 million bux went to the starving artists.but I doubt they woudl see it cause I am sure those corrupt organizeations will somehow ensreu they eat that money.

There already was a proposed “Balnk Tape Levy” in Austrlaia back in the early '90’s but it was knocked down as being unconstiutional becuse of the way the Aussie govorment at the time went about trying to impliment it . Now Australia and the US has ratifed the Free Trade Agreement and its Copyright provisions and under Australian law you could be charged as a criminal for exercising your fair use rights Like copying a TV show on your VCR (Time Shifting) or transfering music from your CDs to a MP3 player (Format Shifting) . So the Law as it stands is outdated and hinders the adoption of Tivo and iTunes like services.The Australian Attorney General has acknoleged this and has stated the law needs to come into the digital age .The Attorney Generals office is taking Submitiions from interested parties in a rewiew process.

I like this Phil Ruddock guy. He was tough on those welfare loving refugees when he was immigration minister and now he’s going to give us fair use rights. Way to go Phil!

I take it you don’t make any money from corporations? What line of work are you in dude?

Sorry guys but this is all a bit of a con, at least so far as dvd copying is concerned. It’s really just a typical case of politicians’ tricks with smoke and mirrors. It is already legal downunder to record any free to air broadcast for later viewing (time shifted recording) so there’s no change there. Even if “fair use” back-ups of movie dvds are permitted, our beloved government isn’t contemplating altering the law that makes using a de-css utility (e.g. Dvd Decrypter/ AnyDVD) illegal so the “fair use” permission will have little or no use. The only area where the proposed change in the law will have any real impact is in permitting personal back-up copies of audio cds. However, even this has little meaning as no-one has ever been prosecuted for copying an audio cd that they own and it’s extremely doubtful that anyone ever would be charged with such an offence even if the law is not changed. If such a charge were to be brought, almost inevitably it would be either dismissed as trivial or a nominal fine of say $2.00 max would be imposed.

This is the right direction!.. Put aisde piracy etc… I believe that with all these regulations and red-tape it hampers advancement. That is why for example we in the states are behind in the medical field, and also Cell phone technology :c