Aussie student faces death penalty

AN AUSTRALIAN student faces the death penalty after being arrested in Bali carrying 4.2kg of marijuana allegedly hidden in a bodyboard bag.


who cares, just another drug dealer, should be punished for that.

Just another drug dealer??
We don’t know that. He may have been shipping it back for personal use.
If your caught with 2.4 kilos in downtown Detroit or downtown London, your prolly selling and the law(in US anyway) say you are selling just because of the quantity you had and you prolly are.
Be he was out of the country(stupid thing to do when you out of your own country) He probably was NOT starting a drug ring in Bali. He may or MAY NOT have been planning to sell. Who knows.
All I really want to say is:
“Death penalty?!? Where is Hamurabi when we need him?”

Excuse me for saying so but that has to be one of the most ignorant things I Have ever seen posted here at CD Freaks. You know absolutely nothing about what is happening with the case or charges.

4.2 kg for personal consume?
you must be very naif at least .
Country have their laws, if you there and desrespect them what you expect?

  1. It was a she, not a he.
  2. Marijuana is very common here & is the easiest thing in the world to grow. Why on earth would she be hauling around 4.5Kg’s of a common drug in an area of the world where there is a death penalty for carrying drugs.

You have to be either very stupid, or very suicidal, or more to the point a certain country, or organization is trying to provoke a fight by framing citizens of another country.

Drugs don’t pass thru aussie customs anymore, they have sniffer dogs & are in paranoia mode atm because of the war on terror.

4.2KG’s is a bloody huge bundle & seems more like a diversion…
Too much for personal use, too little money (Marijuana is cheap as chips) in it for serious smugglers … smuggled in the wrong direction.


about a 6 month supply, everything a growing person needs!, something from the mother earth naturally!
maybe one day the worlds governments will realize this. I firmly believe if they ever figure out a way to tax it, it would be legalized…

You have to be either very stupid

I am afraid that is probably the case. As you say, there is practically no profit in it unless you are shipping tonnes of the stuff.
I suspect it was for a group of friends “living the life” in Bali for the season, for the surfing crowd.
Great shame if it was intended innocently and results in death, but the fact remains - Does one need to get high that much than one risks one’s life, in a region that is known for zero tolerance on such substances? Or desperate enough to do this for a few hundred bucks, 'cause that’s all it could have been if she was a mule?
The death penalty, however, should be morally repugnant to anyone with a moral and ethical code.

Ah, yes it was a she not a he wasn’t it.

I had a lot of stuff backward, so went back and re-read.

I am particularly interested in your opinions there is Aus about the direction that drugs tend to flow.
Here in North America it is always INTO the US and Canada if coming from Mexico or South America,
and a little bit of both directions between US and Canada.

The following quotes from the orgional article are completely out of context, so here is a link to the origional article again:,4057,11022893%255E28102,00.html

DOUBTS have been raised …
…woman detained in Bali tried to smuggle in a huge amount of cannabis from Australia.

Legal sources described the case as bizarre, saying most drug offences are for smuggling drugs out of Indonesia, not in.
"It seems very strange. There was no real attempt to conceal the package…
…what’s also interesting is how she managed to pass through Australian airport security undetected…

If the investigation found she was part of a network of drug smugglers, she could get the death penalty, he told AAP.
However, Ms Corby could also be charged with a lesser offence of importing and possessing the drug, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a one billion rupiah ($150,000) fine.

This is the second Bali drug case involving an Australian in the past month.
Darwin resident Christopher Currall, 37, was arrested in Kuta last month…
(End of Quote)

I want to point out that she MAY not get the death panalty, and she DOES have a lawyer and the attention of the Australian Consulate.(A billion Rupiah is still a lot of doe!)
Does anyone have any links to other articles on the same story from other news sources?
Does anyone have any liks to the other incident a month ago?
Does anyone think the the statement by “Leagal sources” about the usual direction of drug from is backward?

Can’t do the time? Don’t do the crime!

Hey its Indonesia. They slice your head off for 1 atom of any drug. What an idiot.

ok sure you guys can say “was his fault” and sure i think he should be punished but death :eek:, abit over the top dont ya’ think, maybe max 5 years in jail, but death? c’mon, i oppose the death penulty for ALL crimes, however bad, but for drugs, no way!.

ben :slight_smile:

I am very much against death-penalty but since everyone knows that dealing in drugs in Indonesia gets you minced into tiny pieces our beloved tourist must have been very much aware of the dangers, but ignored them, which makes her an idiot.

ok, she made a mistake, but come on, death!, in my “ideal world” i would send them off to work for 10 years in a homeless shelter paying back what they did to sociaty, not shove them in jail wasting time, or worst, just killing them. china, indonisia etc are way over-using the death penulty.

ben :slight_smile:

Exactly right.

That is their law, practically everyone knows that if you do that shit there, you will more than likely be given the death penalty if caught.

I bet she would have got it dirt cheap there (easier to grow probably) and was hauling it around. But of course that much pot is bound to set off ANY dog, let alone make sniffer dogs happy as larry.

Still; very stupid

What I heard on the news today was that she took it from here into their country she wasn’t bringing it back she took it there.

hmmm… but people arnt normaly thinking great when there on marijuana.

anyway i thought the australian embasy could get her out

oh btw. does australia have the death penulty itself?

I don’t think she deserves the death penalty. Nobody deserves to die for pot, it should be legal. They are way too harsh on drugs over there, typical backasswards oriental laws. She probably did know the penalty for it and it wasn’t exactly the most discrete operation. The whole thing is stupid, Darwinism at work. I don’t think she’ll get out of it, they like to make an example of foreigners over there. Unfortunately she’s not eligible for a Darwin award. :sad:

She shouldn’t get the death penalty for drugs.

But she should be punished, i mean you gotta be stupid to do something like that.