AUSSIE members, advise needed about region 1 DVD's



A friend of mine is in the USA and I would like to purchase a few DVD’s not available in AUstralia, they are region 1. All of my players are region 4.

I have played NTSC DVD’s without problem and NTSC is the format in the USA, Canada and the Bahamas, however the NTSC discs’s I have played, did not have region 1 mentioned anywhere on the cases.

Has any member ever bought DVD’s movies whilst in the US and did they play here in Australia.


There are 2 things you need to worry about when buying DVDs abroad:

  1. Video System (NTSC or PAL)
  2. DVD Region

If your friend has a multiregion player that also supports NTSC/PAL conversion, he should not have problems playing the disc. Since 98% of DVDs (excluding adult DVDs) purchased in the US are region 1, your friend will definitely have problems playing them without a multiregion player.


What is the make and model of your DVD player?


I have a Tevion Premier Player.

Also a Pioneer DVD-ROM 117, a LITEON 167T DVD-ROM and a Pioneer 108D Burner with Piodata v1.18 F/W.

Thanks for taking time out to respond.


The best way to tell is to borrow one of your friends region 1 dvd’s and try play it. If it does cool if it doesnt then you could rip it with dvd decrypter which can make it region free and encode it to pal.


Thanks to those for taking time out to respond to my post.

I have overcome the problem, firstly the LITEON reader allows the change of Region settings 5 times. When I finally get the DVDs from the US, I can change the Region setting to Reg.1, backup the DVDs bought in the USA with DVD Shrink\DVD Decrypter and when completed change the Reg. setting back to 4. I cannot play the orginal Region 1 DVDs in my player which is Region 4 however, I can play the backups which will be Region Free.

Since I never play my original DVDs and only play backups, that really solves the my problem.


you don’t need to change the region on the litey, DVD Decrypter will rip DVD’s from any region