Aussie ISP sued over file sharing

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The Australian film and television has filed a lawsuit against Australian ISP iiNet, claiming the Internet service provider has not stopped subscribers from pirating movies and other copyrighted…

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Hah if they stop you from using bitTorrent - all ISPs will lose business to the ones that allow it.

The police won’t give a crap either. They all dload pirated stuff on their computers too haha.

They won’t provide evidence because there is none BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. There never has been. This is their strategy: bluff the ISP to stop downloaders (and/or sue for damages), or admit you have nothing. That’s it. That’s all there is. Without absolute evidence, all they can do is bluff the downloader/ISP with lengthy legal letters and threats, hoping that their obviously massive lawyer teams will scare the defendant into staying out of court… because naturally the judge will throw the case out if it ever gets that far… which it has, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Good on iiNet for taking a stand. They know the issue, they know the law, and they’re calling the obvious bluff. C’mon, Aussie, c’mon.