Aussie High Def DVD player the dual networked Zensonic Z500



I just posted the article Aussie High Def DVD player the dual networked Zensonic Z500.

Hey, this player is pretty impressive! Not only does it have a lot of tricks up it’s sleeve, like 802.11G wireless networking and Gigabit wired networking, but it’s software runs on…

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ohh im drooooling ,that has got to be one of the most wicked setups ive ever seen, and the price is damn sweet also. This is definetly something i will look at in the future. cheers :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I hope to get one of these in the future. The only problem I have with these sorts of things is the odd format they dont support, it keeps you from being able to throw ALL your weight behind such a device. With a Home Theater PC you can play any kind of file ever made (albeit at a much higher price)


I am not sure what the transfer rate is on AU to US but, I have to agree this is a sweet machine. I just hope that they become available over here. I have not seen these products before.


Does not do Qpel or GMC! :frowning:


:+ Put Hard Disk and DVD-+RW inside and I am sold :+


Here in Australia the Zensonic Z300/Z330 DVD players are popular because they were the first low-priced multi-format DVD players that support DIvX/Mpeg4 and Xvid codecs. Unfortunately, firmware updates are next to non-existant and have no officIal source. Build quality is also a bit sus as well. Pretty typical of chinese crap. I wouldn’t put too much stock in this new multimedia player being compatible with current or newer media formats if one looks at Zensonic’s lack of firmware support. :c


Crabby: multiply it by 0.76 to get the US equivilent. I’m sure you will be able to get this a fair bit cheaper in the Australian stores than the MSRP.


Geeze, my media center xbox is slowly becoming obsolite, with the HD WMP9 and all. Can’t wait to see it at CES! (checkout the DVD RAM booth with panasonic to find a dual slim dvd slot loading enclosure for 5.25" slots) :d