Aussie film downloaders accuse MPAA of setting identity traps

I just posted the article Aussie film downloaders accuse MPAA of setting identity traps.

The entertainment section of the Herald Sun is warning Australian movie file sharers that they best be careful. Apparently, Aussie’s love to watch new movies, but they are a bit…

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I don’t agree with your comment because it’s very one-sided. And I think everyone would prefer a more neutral comment.

look out…the MPAA is a-watchin your computer number… :smiley:

Quote masterbw:“I don’t agree with your comment because it’s very one-sided. And I think everyone would prefer a more neutral comment.” Maybe you are right, but would you mind elaborating? Otherwise, I don’t understand yet.

my computer number is 1 :X

broadband rocks and the movie studios hate it lol keep em coming boyz maybe one day soon we will all get a decent deal on a movie.

Suppose you are a major CD/DVD media producer, would you kill the business of major CD/DVD drive producer by releasing your own brand of drivers?! ;):c

:o Shit I’m in big trouble, MPAA will know my IP address what do I do now??? :+

Its the same thing with tv shows. If you’re tv show that you really like takes an extra week or hell sometimes even a year or two to get aired in your country. Wouldn’t you rather download a 350 meg AVI without commercials then waiting for it to get aired where you live. I don’t think releasing everything everywhere simutaneously would prevent pirating, but it might give some people another choice. God knows it sucks reading forums on the internet, full of people who got access to something before you did :slight_smile:

aussie need to become 1/2 smart, flood mpaa website with propaganda, like they flood ours. oooooo, racist, nooo, just concerned for well being of beings, and not rich folklore. MPAA = master picking assholes association… why, they thing that modifying the law will help bcause they have all the moolah. it will all be descided in the end, but it means nothing until the end.:B

Another Scare tatic from the MPAA, Without leeching movies, how else would i used up my massive download limit each month? So what if they have your IP address, they have to proove you did etc, have the relevant PHYSICAL evidence from your pc. But it gets annoying when movies are delayed for months or at worst never come to the cinema and go straight to DVD. Its their fault live with it.

As an Aussie I can understand why people do this. Movies are often released here months after they are released overseas and some TV series are up to 3 or 4 years behind. If the MPAA idiots would release the movies and TV shows at the same time then it would cut the problem dramatically. I know many people who do it for the “novelty” of being able to put on a living room movie show for their mates with a movie thats not even in the Cinema’s yet. Sometimes i think these company Execs just have their heads up theit butts all day. Wake up and see reality !