[AUS] Sony(TY) CD-Rs



G’day all,

JB HiFi have a new line of Sony CD-R’s known as “5 Design Series”. They’re Taiyo Yuden 80min 48x media. Look for the shrink-wrapped 10-pack with slim jewel cases with discs that feature five different designs. They’re selling for AU$8.95 - not bad!!! :cool:



…and not really that good (priced) either. That’s almost DVDR pricing. Thanks for the heads up though.

I think I will be happy with my TDK (Riteks) at $20 for 50. I havent seen them available at that price recently in Adelaide though.


Nah, decent quality 4x/8x DVD+/-Rs in jewel cases are still >$2.50 each, and I’m not going to waste my time and money on cheap Princo, Infosmart, Lead Data, etc.