Aunsoft TransMXF Pro



This is on giveawayoftheday today 2/15/2014.

Has anyone used Aunsoft software ?

giveawayoftheday’s summary:

Aunsoft TransMXF Pro is a MXF Converter and MXF audio channel preserver with fast conversion speed. With Aunsoft TransMXF Pro, it becomes easier to keep, preserve and export MXF 4 or 8 or multiple audio channels as individual channels in a MXF-file. Also Aunsoft TransMXF Pro supports almost all audio and video formats with zero quality loss.
Make the MXF videos versatile by converting MXF files to multi-track video, HD video, MOV, MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPG for further editing systems like FCP, iMovie, Avid Media Composer, After Effects, Premiere CS, Sony Vegas, Magix or portable devices, such as iPad, Apple TV, PS3, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, Lumia.

I’ve never used the MXF format .
Does anyone know if or why this would be a good format ?

Just in case someone wants it.(Not a recomendation from me).
That’s why I asked some questions I don’t know anything about this software or format.


Looks like a broadcast format cholla:


It’s a camcorder format…Aunsoft’s program can be used to edit and transfer it to other movie formats…


An example of the broadcast quality ENG camcorders that can use this mxf format:

You got me interested in the subject, which is not one that I’m familiar with, and I wanted to see what these cameras were like.


It looked interesting to me as well.
As usual Kerry provided some good information with the links.
I had looked at the wiki one before I posted.
I was hoping some member had worked with this format & had an opinion on the quality.
Same for this software company.


I went ahead & installed this program.
No problems with that.
It seems like other converters that convert to several formats.
[B]Except it can only open a .MXF file[/B] this makes it very limited.
Unless you have a device like a camcorder that writes in the .MXF format I don’t see much use for this program.


Unless you have a device like a camcorder that writes in the .MXF format I don’t see much use for this program.[/QUOTE]

Very true…:iagree:
But ATM,there are not much other conversion programs that can import .MXF either…


I have room for it & since I installed it I will probably leave it installed.