August Blu-ray movie sales drop

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That “Blu Ray struggles for acceptance” article cracks me up every time I read it, EVERY time. What a sh!te piece of journalism. Just look at the so-called stats from their poll of 1000 people. Just under 50% intend to buy a Blu Ray player (since we’re not told precisely how many AREN’T planning to buy, just that it’s “over 50%”), and 23% of those (strangely precise, that figure) are waiting until next year. That gives ~25% planning to buy NOW.

Add on the hilarious (and already proved woefully innaccurate) “players will remain above $300 until 2009” toss and you can see the poll/article for what it really is - a Happy Meal for a thimblefull of bitter HD DVD fanbois and Blu Ray haters to munch on.

Gobble that regurgitated vitriol up boys and girls, though it must be tasting blander and blander with every new Blu Ray release.

It just cracks me up, why when I was young we had record players and reel to real video. Do you remember the cost of VHS when it first came out?, Do you remember the cost of CD and CD-R when they first came out (Sony haters, throw out your CD-R because you hate the company who with Philips “invented” it), do you remember the cost of DVDs when they first came out? and the market share, pathetic.
$400 for a player is nothing and $30 disc nothing compared to the old technology. DVD had $13,000 recorders, Remember? Remember 3.2GB DVDs?
I don’t think so.
If it’s not free I don’t want it :rolleyes:

The 8% number is only among new release titles. When you look at the home based disc market as a whole it’s less than 2%. $10.7 billion dollar market size to $194 million in Blu-Ray sales January to June 2008.

I used to have a HTPC connected to my HDTV. This HTPC has a combo Hd DVD/Blu-ray ROM. Unfortunately, my main desktop PC self-destructed, so I promoted my HTPC to be main desktop. Now I can’t watch HD disks on my HDTV. I dropped Blu-ray from my Netflix account. I never did buy any Blu-ray disks, just rented them, and I won’t be buying any in the future.

blu-ray players cost to much iron man blu-ray will suffer

Blu-Ray is, on the other hand, becoming very popular in Japan. I’m a poor American who can’t afford one, but everyone else has Blu-Ray!

Blue-ray, the newest generation of Laser Disk. Sorry, but my next format upgrade will be all digital - sans the disk.