Augmented reality TV is a view of the future



I just posted the article Augmented reality TV is a view of the future.

Even though it’s still a technology of the future, augmented reality could one day have a big impact on the TV viewing experience in the living room.

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This looks pretty freakin cool


Yeaahhh…not so sure for movies… look the other way for a moment and miss a crucial part of the story… :slight_smile: And like I want to hold an iPad/tablet device in my hands while I watch a movie.
I picture a theater full of people each with a mobile screen and their ams stretched out swinging around. Yikes.
Interesting tech but I see it being more useful for an interactive movie/game and video games, like a next gen version of those Clue DVD games, but not regular movies.


I could imagine it working well with a 3rd person shooter and using 3d glasses.

About the helicopter and surround sound thing…If the director of the film wanted us to see it, he would have filmed it from the start. The magic of hollywood could be lost. I also really dont want to turn around and see the camera an crew on my ipad.

This concept could work however with a 360 degree camera. Anyone remember the omnimax theatre at Caesars in Las Vegas?


Yeah, maybe you could use something like the Sony Bloggie camcorder with its 360 degree lens to film content for this type of thing. Would be pretty cool to be able to make your own videos like this and “hide” some content to the left and right of the TV.


Will this work for porn? Anyone?


[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2509843]Will this work for porn? Anyone?[/QUOTE]


There’s one in every crowd.