Audiovox Home Theater DVD changer - sound only w/ speakers?



This Audiovox Home Theater was manufactured in 2004. If it has a model number it may or may not be DV1201.

I’d like to use the DVD changer but I don’t have room for the speakers. On hooking it up to the tv -Sanyo DP26649 - via component cables and separate sound [the red+ white] cable it seems like the tv receives some sound tracks but not others. The manual provides info on using the speakers and not the tv’s sound but not the other way around.

I know nothing about home theater systems or audio systems. Is it possible to use the dvd changer from such a system w/out the speakers?

The unit also has composite RCA, S-video and digital coaxial outputs.


Hey AnnieMS.

Can you be more specific on receives some sound tracks but not others?

Remember that you only have stereo sound.



Thanks platinumsword’s

Sorry I disappeared for awhile - RL got me. I’m only using the TV’s speakers, but I think I found the right button to push - there’s a toggle button between 5.1 & 2.1 on the remote. As far as I know, I only have 2 rather than 2.1, but I can listen to movie dvd’s now. There doesn’t seem to be a setting for TV Sound Only unless it’s the 2.1.

By tracks [probably the wrong term] I meant that I could hear some of the conversation and sounds and not others. It was like a half-mute.

I also discovered I have to go into the menu setup and set video to YUV if I don’t want everything in pink. [component cables]. I keep reading the little manual, but the print is small and a lot of the terms unfamiliar.