Audiovideo issues when played on sony dvd .. :/

Hi :slight_smile:
Have a small problem at the moment which is driving me up the wall…
I have not had any problems up until a few days ago with burning images and watching them etc etc

BUT a couple of days ago I downloaded 2 images and both have given me problems when played on my sony dvp-ns330 dvd player :confused:
What happens is either the sound or the video is not running at the right speed which makes it completely out of the sync and you can tell that the sound is definitely dodgy as the actors voices sound completely wrong :’(
So I tried reburning etc etc and I still got the same problem :frowning: … BUT I then tried it downstairs on this super cheap crappy dvd player me old man has in the front room and it works perfectly !!! aaaggghhhh It also works perfectly when played on the PC from the disc…

But this made me think why has this only happened so far with these two movies ? :confused: So I reburned an image that worked perfectly before on the sony again and again it worked perfectly…

This leads me to believe that somewhere along the line the sony is incompatible with something somewhere although I know absolutely diddly squat and am very interested in what you guys think might be the issue!!!

I have the same problem burning in either nero or alcohol120%.

Ok cheers fellas and all help appreciated in advance


That’s the point why I prefer originals. :rolleyes:

What brand of media are you using? Plus or Minus R?

damn forgot to write in first post am actually making video cd’s, so they are actually sony cd-r’s

hope this helps :confused:

but like I say this has only happened on a few images I have recorded and even then those same recordings though are working on alternative players…

hmmm ok cheers fellas

all help much appreciated :slight_smile:


Try some Taiyo Yuden CD’s and see if you have the same problem.