Audiophile: Music OK But Crackles With DVD



Hi, new to posting, (lurked for a while), done a search and couldn't find the answer to this problem:

I recently replaced my Audigy2 with an M-Audio Audiophile (I mainly use my PC for recording my own music).

The Audiophile is fine for music but I've just discovered that my games -- well, game: StarCraft -- now has crackles in the sound. Also DVD films crackle really badly and fairly quickly the video slows and freezes.

I've tried every combination I can think of in the Audiophile's Control Panel options -- including changing sample rates and so on. And I've tried playing with the configuration settings on my DVD playback software.

For a check I added the Audigy2 back in as a 2nd card and managed to watch a film and play a game without problems. As soon as I uninstalled the Audigy2 again the crackles on DVD and StarCraft returned.

I feel I'm fumbling in the dark here because I've no idea what the basic problem might be. Any ideas people? :confused:



enable dma for the dvd drive


I’ve opened the DVD drive from Device Manager and there’s no option or check box for DMA under Properties or any of the other tabs.

Was I looking in the right place or should I be trying to enable DMA in some other way?


Check in the “IDE controler” category. Doubleclick the channel on which your drive is connected and click the advanced settings tab and ther you’ll see the transfer mode settings


Cheers. I’ve altered it as suggested – I found it in “PIO Only” mode – but I notice that it’s still using PIO Mode. I tried a reboot but this is what I see (and the crackles are unchanged).

Also, any idea why the Audigy2 seems to be able to mangage DVD and game sound? I know it’s supposed to be more of an “all round” card and originally I thought maybe the Audiophile couldn’t handle DVD/Games but I suppose there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be able to play these things. :


First thing I would do is to uninstall ide controller for the drive then let windows reinstall it on boot up. Check if dma is enabled. It should be. As for the sound cards I’d bet money that you have some driver conflicting between the cards. If you want to use the M audio I would check if the Audigy WDM driver is still installed if so remove it and make sure the correct drivers are installed for the M audio. If you decide on keeping the Audigy in, make sure you have the latest driver updates in.


Yay! Thank you so much :slight_smile: I appear to be back in business – with only the Audiophile installed, (I just don’t like the way the Creative card tried to take over everything).

I can watch DVDs, and I can play StarCraft.

Thanks again everyone, I hope that’s it solved now.



Glad you got it working. I use a Audigy Platinum but all I load are the soundcard drivers and the mixer. I try to keep a minimal amout of media player software in my system. WMP 7.1 and PowerDVD is it .