Audioholics interview with Microsoft HD-DVD Program Manager

I just posted the article Audioholics interview with Microsoft HD-DVD Program Manager.

 This news is a bit old, but we are getting close to release  of the first generation of new equipment concerning the blue laser. We decided to make everyone aware of this interview, just in case...
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FREE promo for their sucky mpeg4 codec: VC1!! :r H.264/AVC is the better choice.

AFAIK VC1 isn’t compatible with MPEG4 SP/ASP neither AVC standard. As usually Microsoft developed something on their own which isn’t very good (well it’s better than MPEG2 but MPEG2 is already a “grandfather” in video compression area) but they want to force it everywhere they can. It’s like WMA (does anyone use WMA for compression of their music? ).

the dude is talking bollocks about their codec being better than MPEG 2.

There is no way MPEG-2 is better than VC1 or H.264, go download some 1080p material from the MS media player site.

MPEG2 is getting old that’s for sure but I have not seen a good demo of VC1 using the highest bitrate yet. It would be nice to see a good comparison in a Home Theater setting.