Audiograbber 1.81 and plextor 24 12 40

under winXP if I want to rip an audio CD
the audiograbber says : ASPI ERROR
but if I use the asus dvd 12x the ripping go ok
any suggestion ?
ASPI 4.60

install aspi 4.60

> ASPI 4.60
what u think this mean ?

you asked “any suggestion?”

i say aspi 4.60…if it is already installed…install it again

or use aspi check…

I have never used audiograbber, I think I heard some bad things about it or something I’m not sure. I think you should try using Exact CD-DA Extractor. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the latest version of ASPI is 4.71. I think you should update to that. I don’t have a link on me but I’m sure you can find it.

Hope this helps

the aspi drivers afther 4.60 gave me a lot of problems

Originally posted by visik7
any suggestion ?
Try downloading Nero’s WNASPI32.DLL and place it in the AudioGrabber folder… Maybe this will do the trick? Please report back.

Why would newer versions, expecially ones that have been updated several times give u more problem? Are you sure you completed uninstalled your existing ASPI drivers before installing the new one?



The newer Adaptec Aspi 4.7 installation on Win98 wouild only install 2 files (4 for nt). Some s/w such as VCDEasy would not recognise a proper ASPI layer. Using force aspi to install a working aspi layer (then updated with 4.6) if I recall, worked a treat.

Perhaps the adaptec install is the problem.