Its a Damm Shame that Audiogalaxy is copyrightin all their songs now.

I’ve experienced the same.
I still hope, that it is a technically problem and will be fixed.

no way! read this

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One day people will realize that IRC is a fomat the RIAA will have difficulty going after. They will have to target more individuals than companys. It’s easy for these bastards to target Napster, KaZaA, Morpheus, and Audiogalaxy (I’m sure winmx is in the mix too)… They just get a bunch of high priced lawyers to make high-costing court cases where the underfunded company cannot pay it’s way to a final decision without going bankrupt in the process.

Going after individuals will cost lots of cash and will return little rewards as most of these individuals are not wealthy.

I don’t see the day when little Jimmy down the street will be in prison next to Mack “the midtown murderer” because he file served mp3s on dalnet.