Audiogalaxy Satellite v0.605W released

I just posted the article Audiogalaxy Satellite v0.605W released….

The Audiogalaxy Satellite is a small program that allows you to share your music with other people on Audiogalaxy. If has some nice features like auto resume and requesting offline files. They now…

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Dunno what to say, but when we run AudioGalaxy here, our linux gateway often goes crazy. Also, my e-mail client is not sending messages properly, anymore! :c

Not sure why it’s messing up with you but I personally LOVE this program and use it all the time. It’s soooo sweet. A small tiny program and I get great download speeds on it. It’s what all programs should be: small and compact and designed to just do it’s one job without trying to do anything and everything under the sun.

I totally agree Nila ! I dont like KaZa since I never find any good files or speeds. LimeWire is also good. Napster is just strange… Long live AudioGalaxy :wink: