Audiogalaxy reaches settlement with RIAA

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Gerald, Virtua Trancer, CatPuke, ShadowBlaster and Dark Lemming used our newssubmit to tell us that the recording industry, music publishers and songwriters announced today that they have reached…

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I agree. I loved Audiogalaxy, but then again I also loved napster. Time for the next one.

I’ve visited audiogalaxy for the last couple of days, there’s no announcement of anything of this sort. All requested songs are anavailable, which i suppose means that the corresponding artists have not condoned yet to the sharing of their songs. But my question is, is this ever gonna happen? Who’s the artist that’s gonna say “what the heck? Yes by all means give out my wirk over the net for free!” I think audiogalaxy will never recover, and that’s a shame cauze it really helped me to find very rare bootleg releases that i would have never found :c

Anything with a filter is doomed to fail. More RIAA bullshit tactics.

The record companies make me sick. They are the only jerks more greedy than radio management. Every time those jerks at the RIAA pull this crap, (like busting Napster and Audio Galaxy), they piss me off one step further. Butt Heads. Fix their asses, and don’t buy their music, now, more than ever. Boycotting works wonders.

Copyrighted works!? Well as far as I know the formats that they release songs in is either CD/Tape/LP… Now since when is trading MP3’s a copyright infringement when its not the original file and just a compressed lower quality version? Fuck the RIAA and just burn all your songs… These scum bags work off the royalties they collect from the sales of CD’s and if its that much that they spend on law suits they can start spending it on reducing the cost for these garbage CD’s that they are putting out…

Doesn’t seem to be much of an outcry about companies on the net exploiting the naivety of surfers…:7

the worst part of them closing AG is a lot of the users that were into pop have moved onto Soulseek. it was a nice peaceful network for sharing electronic music but the recent influx of leeches from AG is slowing the network and most of the people who arent actually leeching are bringing pop ‘music’ and with that comes the wrath of the RIAA