Audiogalaxy now also filtering

I just posted the article Audiogalaxy now also filtering….

Vargo used our newssubmit to tell us that also AudioGalaxy now filters for copyrighted music. A search for the song Butterfly from Crazytown (a top 40 song) resulted in the message…

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NO!!! This is so unfair. I loved audiogalaxy. It was so easy and fast and nice and user friendly. I am going to miss it dearly. Napster can go fuck itself but not my dear prescious audiogalaxy. If ANYONE knows any other GOOD programs or sites for finding single songs with then please e-mail me. [B]I HATE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY![/B]

Having said that, I just did sucessfully search for and find that exact same song you mentioned. :slight_smile:

Yes, it seems they changed it…

They might as well try and stop the wind.

Now they´ve done it, I cant find a single mp3 who isn´t “SEARCH PROHIBITED” anymore. They fucked up their site compleatly! :c