Audiogalaxy in RIAA crosshairs

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IT seems that the RIAA has filed a copyright lawsuit against Audiogalaxy, adding another front to the industry’s legal battles against post-Napster file-swapping services

The suit charges that…

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Alright geezers ! Shite - I thought Audiogalaxy was just too good to be true . . I personally wreckon dat AG is a cool concept. Just a sweet unbloated download client on ya system, and web-ware for ya software searches - sweet ! I must admit dat I’m gettin’ a little pissed off wiv gettin’ used to and relying on sumfin’ only to 'ave it taken away again - time and time again. Spose dats da nature of da net deez dayz - afterall it iz kinda free though ain’t it ! Laterz … . :4

I liked audiogalaxy and used it as my downloader of choice. As far as I’m aware they simply blocked names given to them by the record industry so it’s the record industries problem if some songs aren’t blocked. They cant expect Audiogalaxy to spend millions on researching how to prevent pirated songs. It’s not their problem.

I remember the internet in its early stages before HTML… Not one company cared about it let alone new about it… Now after all dot com failures companies seem to be trying to control what information we see and send/receive. Everyone is trying to make a profit one way or another… Whatever happened to the internet being unrestricted and free…? Fuck the music and movie industry… Fuck all the sport leagues too (charging $6 for a freaking hot dog and $5 for nachos and cheese) Growing up I was into Little League and thought to believe that sports were for fun not as a source of living! Now we give all these fools millions from our hard earned money and when we want something they say no! I for one will not pay to make another person rich when I cant pay my own bills because Im being fleeced of my hard earned cash by greedy corporate fucks and by my own government through all these rediculous taxes… :r

Yep Nila your right and thats how the big dogs piss on the little dogs…sort of blows the thought of “and justice for all” out of the water doesn’t it…:7

knew it was just a matter of time. Screw the Riaa! :r

Audiogalaxy Was And Sometimes Still Is My Choice In Mp3 Searches. The Blocks Show They Are Trying To Comply With Copyright, But In The End They Are Doomed Because RIAA Deems Them A Threat. New Programs Will Arise Like The Phoenix ,But Audiogalaxy Rocked Big Time In The Beginning & The Sheer Size Of Sharers That It Had Will Be Hard To Replace . Blubster In My Opinion Is Next To Inherit The Mp3 Program Of Choice.

ag r0x :0

Before you begin applying any bleeding-heart logic to how artists are hurt by such usage, don’t fall prey to the propaganda the RIAA and the like want you to think. They are the ones who put the artists against the consumers, making it appear the consumers are the bad guys. They have been ripping-off everyone, playing on both sides of the fence. The artists have done their part by the recording industry, and for years so have the consumers. Their terms have been self-guided and to their advantage only. Look at your record/media collection. Have you not paid your dues? How many copies of the same thing have you bought only to get the next great format, or replace a worn-out copy? How many times did you pay full price to get a recording that you wanted only one song from, or take chances on something you didn’t even like? Let’s not even talk about the whole TicketMaster thing and what we spend to go to a concert (parking, rediculous per ticket processing/handling charges, $30 t-shits, $25 programs, etc). Yes, that’s our choice if we choose, but we do. Talk about Capitalism at it’s best! I’ve invested enough for a lifetime’s worth of media from here on out as far as I’m concerned. When I purchase a CD, it is mine. I don’t rent it from a lender, I OWN it. Though I might take issue with pirating for profit (but I don’t), I can take that CD, loan it to whom I choose, make copies for myself and allow others to copy it from me. It is MINE to with as I please. I might piss on it. I might take a piss while I’m making a copy of it. Perhaps I’m pissing as I digress about it, (but I won’t watch you piss while it’s being copied! I do have scruples). I never heard copying cassettes being an issue? Oh, because it’s ok to “pass around” music as long as the quality isn’t as good. What BS! Is it then about the precious copyright’s of artists or money? Should those in cover bands pay a royalty? Gee, Columbia House gives you 12 CD’s for free. When they make their money on S/H do they send that to the RIAA? I’ll make you 12 CD’s for free for no more than your eternal gratitude! Oh, that’s not right? The point is, out of all the money the industry has made, they produce new ways of selling the same thing over and over. If the artists are not getting fair treatment and their contracts are one-sided, is that our fault? We’ve paid over and above the worth of any of it many times over. Besides, whose out there advocating for my benefits? Though firmly related, that’s another story so don’t get me started. Just get your peer-to peer programs and load up whatever you find. “But I don’t like that song”. Hey, somebody else does, so do your part. If the only way to stay solvent is to drop CD’s down to $6 (still more than 6x the cost to produce) and singles at $1 (what’s this $3.50 for a single with 2 bonus bullshit remixes you don’t give a crap about?) maybe then there’d be some room for the industry to advocate sales. Of course, current prices should continue to soar for any music buyer under the age of 25. They’re the ones brainwashed into perpetuating the ever-descending integrity of music. "But I’m 22 and into all the progressive 70’s stuff and my little brother hates Backstreet Boys and my 12 year old sister hates hip-hop and “R&B”? Well my friend, for you, get the software and/or borrow CD’s till you’ve come of age to listen responsibly. Hey, alchohol is served that way so music should be handled responsibly too. I’m also a musician and happy to allow anything of mine to be passed on for others to enjoy. There are ways to promote and sell your material. Once that’s done, expect circulation, and be thankful someone even gives a shit :o

While I’m on my soapbox, waxing poetically the sweet rantings of audio anarchy, here’s another analogy in consideration of why AudioGalaxy and the like are fair and appropriate peer links. It takes about $0.19 to fully produce a box of $5.00 cereal. You do the math. The same principle applies with music, copyrights and feeding your neighbor like a damn good christian should do. Nothing wrong with business or even profiting from it. But when consumers are allowed to be gouged without anymore than a few consumer advocates that don’t have the money and/or lobbyists to make an impact in this “fair market” game we call free enterprise, don’t even think about discussing “industry rights”. And last but not least, God Bless AudioGalaxy. If we lose you we will collect in the next dimension at a P2P down the block.:+