Audiocd without pauzes between songs

i hope someone can help me. I have got 24 mp3’s that is one big mix. I want to burn all those mp3’s on 1 audiocd, but i don’t want the pauzes between the numbers. I deleted the 2 sec. delay with nero 5.0, but there still is a ‘click’ between the numbers. I tried it with different cd’s and cd-writers, but nothing helped.

please help me cause i f*cked up 8 cd’s already!


Perhaps when the audio was converted to mp3 a gap was added. If so u are going to gave to remove that too. (U could use Acid Wav to edit the wav files).
Or when u converted those mp3’s to wav perhaps u have added a gap then.

What u are trying to do should work so there must be a gap in the either wav files or in the mp3’s.

no… checked that after i fucked up 3 cd’s and there was no gap at all, cause i had 1 big wave file, and i’ve splitted this up into 24 seperate mp3’s, and when played after eachother in winamp, it sounds good. but after writing on a cd, it clicks every new song… later i checked to see what the click was. It came out to be a 0.1 sec silence at the end of each song, but in the original mp3 this wasn’t there.

is there someone who can solve this?

So as I understand it u had 1 big wav file and u converted this to 24 mp3’s. U want to burn these to a cd without pauses. The mp3’s have no 0.1 sec silence. To burn the songs u converted the mp3’s to .wav files. When u burn those .wav files there is a 0.1 sec silence. Seems to me that when u converted the mp3’s back to wav the 0.1 sec were added. U could check this by playing the .wav files in winamp. Then u can be certain the wav’s are good. And like I said u could edit the wav files using Acid Wav to remove the 0.1 sec in the wav files.

If the wav’s u are trying to burn have no 0.1 sec delay then there is something wrong with your burning method (I doubt that though cause it sounds like u know what u’re doing)

Yep…do know the problem you are facing… You can edit the music with a wave editor(like Meurz)
But a time ago i found a nice program that can “glue” mp3 files togheter…no editing.
Just tell the program wich files you want to “glue” togheter and a few seconds later it done…perfect.

Found the site program is called Unphuck.

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thanks for the info, but there is nothing wrong with the waves or mp3’s, because i doublechecked it just a sec ago…
for this time i’ll use the prog you told me, but i still don’t know what the problem is. Could it be that it depends on which brand CD-Recordable i use?

I really doubt it’s the brand u use.

b.t.w. I almost never use Nero, but I’ve just seen Nero doesn’t require u to convert to wav.
Perhaps u could try that. Maybe that’ll work.

I use ez cd creator 4 and i fist convert my mp3’s to wave then copy then…but when you hit the record button it gives you a option to write a cd a disc at once at seems to work for me…although nero converts the mp3’s to wave’s for you and you just copy…i find ezcd 4 better